Album Review: Pat Guadagno – 1964

Even if you don’t recognize Pat Guadagno by name, you may have unknowingly heard some of his music, as his tunes were featured on the popular Showtime series Californication.

Meanwhile, Pat Guadagno is back with an all-new record called 1964. And, it’s certainly a beast you’ll have to strap in for as a listener.

Pat Guadagno is a Well-Traveled Sonic Craftsman

Pat Guadagno has several albums to his name. And, as a lover of sports, he often performs things like the national anthem before games. Meanwhile, as a native of the Jersey Shore, he has certainly cut his teeth and paid his dues over the years.

Indeed, he gained a wider audience when his music was featured on the hit Showtime classic Californication. And, even though the show has been off the air for years, it’s clear that Pat has kept himself busy since – including releasing his latest full-length record, 1964.

Pat Guadagno: 1964
Pat Guadagno: 1964 – used with permission

Is New Album 1964 Worth a Listen?

One thing to note right out of the gate is that 1964 is an ode to the time, with Guadagno paying homage to and breathing new life into some of his favorite songs by recording his own renditions of them. So, if you grew up on the music from this time period, Guadagno has you covered.

1964 starts things off with a cover of Eric Andersen’s Violets of Dawn. Indeed, it has that old-school quality to it that classic rock enthusiasts will appreciate. And, even though it’s on the softer side for an album opener, it works.

In total, 1964 has a whopping 15 tracks. So, there’s no mistaking that you get your money’s worth when you dig into this record. Indeed, there’s a lot to appreciate as a listener, as Pat Guadagno captains the ship.

If nothing else, Guadagno has the easy listening market on lock. If this is your cup of tea, you’re certainly in for a pleasurable listening experience. On the other hand, however, anyone looking for something a bit more up-tempo will have to look elsewhere, as this record in its entirety is primarily slow ballads.

A Cover Album for the Ages

Of course, if music from the 1960s is your jam, you’ll be more than satisfied with this record. But, for anyone looking for something with a bit more punch, 1964 is likely to put you to sleep by the time you make it through all 15 tracks.

Interestingly, though, Pat even puts his spin on such classics as House Of The Rising Sun and I Only Want To Be With You. So, there are more than a few gems on this record.

In addition, there’s no denying the level of musicianship that Guadagno brings. Because, whether you like this style or not, there’s no denying that this man is incredibly talented. And, he certainly knows what he’s doing when it comes to crafting beautiful melodies.

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