Single Review: Night Hymns – ‘Blue Bottle’

Night Hymns is the creative vehicle for singer/songwriter Wei to express his musical creativity. But, is his latest single, Blue Bottle, worth a listen?

Wei the Creative Force Behind Night Hymns

Night Hymns is the moniker used by singer/songwriter Wei to realize his musical ambitions and make them a reality. And, this Vancouver Indie Rocker’s influences are apparent in his most recent single – most notably, the Beatles and Oasis, to name a few.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Wei and his approach to songwriting, it’s all about his life experiences, including his travels. And, as a self-taught guitar player, he doesn’t seem at all bothered to follow traditional conventions. And this type of free-thinking mentality certainly reflects in his approach to music.

Night Hymns: Blue Bottle
Night Hymns: Blue Bottle – used with permission

Night Hymns Releases Fresh New Single Blue Bottle

As soon as you hit play on the brand new single from Night Hymns, Blue Bottle, it’s an instant time machine trip back to the 1960s. With bluesy, distorted riffs, driving drums, and ethereal vocals, the Beatles influence is apparent right out of the gate.

Blue Bottle is the kind of single you’d expect to play on the jukebox at a local diner – complete with the checkered floor and a fresh made milkshake. And, whether you like this style of music or not, there’s no denying that it’s incredibly catchy – and all the boxes are checked when it comes to crafting a radio-ready single.

Interestingly, Night Hymns got the inspiration to write this track after visiting a cafe called the Blue Bottle in San Francisco. And if nothing else, that might explain the old-school diner vibes evident in this track.

Overall, even if this type of music isn’t your style, there’s no denying that Wei knows how to write a catchy tune.

Night Hymns: Blue Bottle
Night Hymns: Blue Bottle – used with permission

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