Single Review: K4LT – ‘LCPD’

Berlin-based musician and producer K4LT (a play on the German word kalt or “cold”) recently released a fresh new single, LCPD. So, is the brand new track worth a listen?

K4LT Not Afraid to Embrace the Dark

This artist isn’t afraid to dive into the deep, dark depths of the human psyche, and to use that as his muse. Indeed, this quality to look into the dark is something that bleeds into his music and deeply influences the overall mood of what he creates. And, his latest single is no exception.

Pulling from a plethora of influences like Radiohead, Burial, and Low, this artist certainly fits the moody, goth aesthetic. And, not surprisingly, his approach to music reflects that. So, anyone already a fan of these bands will certainly appreciate this latest offering.

K4LT: LCPD – used with permission

LCPD Moody & Dark in the Best Ways

As a brand new single, K4LT ditches the usual formula one might expect of releasing a high-energy track to grab the attention of listeners. Instead, K4LT gives listeners a slow-burning, dark number.

And, the bleak themes and matching tonality easily bring to mind something from The Smiths or The Cure. And, as his first single in two years, this artist chooses a familiar theme to dive into on this brand new single – an amicable breakup.

Meanwhile, the music itself is a reflection of that – going from dark, brooding melodies to almost hopeful, vibrant sections – perfectly capturing the juxtaposition that comes with the mutual end of a relationship.

As with all impactful art, K4LT explores universal themes of love and loss in his music. Indeed, though his approach musically may be unorthodox, the feelings and emotions he taps into are shared by all. And, it is this connective thread that allows his work to truly resonate – in all of its macabre, melancholy glory.

K4LT: LCPD – used with permission

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