Album Review: Judd Harris Releases New Single ‘Take Me Down’ Off of ‘The Beach’ EP

American Idol alum Judd Harris recently released his brand new single, Take Me Down, off of his The Beach EP. So, will the beach vibes and relaxed atmosphere have listeners feeling like they’re on an island getaway?

Listeners May Recognize Judd Harris

If the name Judd Harris sounds familiar, it’s because the Pop singer/songwriter is a former American Idol contestant. Of course, listeners have to go all the way back to Season 4 of the show to remember his appearance. But, it’s clear that he has stuck to music since then.

Meanwhile, he recently released a brand new single off of a fresh four-track EP. And, there are certainly good vibes to be had all around from the listening experience Harris brings.

Judd Harris: Take Me Down
Judd Harris: Take Me Down – used with permission

Nothing But Good Vibes on New EP

As the lead single and main attraction on Judd Harris’ new EP, Take Me Down has all the signature sounds of a breezy beach track. Whether it’s the Reggae rhythms, smooth melodies, or chill delivery, Harris certainly captures the day at the beach vibes.

Indeed, Take Me Down definitely draws heavily from Jason Mraz influences. And, listeners will be transported to a white sand beach with a tropical umbrella drink in hand as soon as they hit play on this new single.

Judd Harris Delivers Perfect Wind-Down Record with The Beach EP

It’s five o’clock somewhere, and for Judd Harris, Simple Life certainly embodies everything he has done to change his life and live with that “go with the flow” mentality. Indeed, after a friend died suddenly in his 30s, Harris and his wife traded snow for the sand and sun of the Dominican Republic – and Simple Life is the perfect ode to that.

The Beach EP perfectly captures the carefree vibes of beach life in only a few tracks, and for any fans of Jack Johnson, Michael Franti, Ben Harper, or Jason Mraz, this latest offering will fit right in.

So, put your feet up, grab a cocktail, and put on your best island-wear, because Judd Harris perfectly captures that vibe on his latest record. And, in just a few songs, listeners will be just as chill.

Judd Harris: Take Me Down
Judd Harris: Take Me Down – used with permission

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