Album Review: Caroline Brennan – ‘The Journey’

Cape Cod Singer/songwriter Caroline Brennan brings her fresh take on a slice of Americana on her brand new EP, The Journey. So is the destination worth taking a journey through this brand new record?

Caroline Brennan Showcases Her Signature Twang on The Journey

As soon as you hit play on Caroline Brennan’s new release, No Longer Blue kicks into gear. It’s the perfect bar song that will have listeners two-stepping their cares away in no time. Meanwhile, with its slide guitar and upbeat nature, this is an ideal way to introduce the album and get the blood pumping.

Almost immediately, Caroline Brennan switches gears with the follow-up track, Swim To Shore. In complete contrast to the album opener, Brennan proves she’s just as comfortable delivering a ballad as she is getting down at a bar on Saturday night. And, this kind of versatility will continue to take her far.

Caroline Brennan Takes Listeners on a Journey

As a whole, this new record from Caroline Brennan takes its title to heart. And, Brennan takes her listeners on a journey of emotions on this release. From upbeat and feel-good to introspective and somber, Brennan captains the ship seamlessly.

As a bonus, this album will certainly appeal to anyone that loves a stripped-down, acoustic sound. Indeed, the unplugged nature of this record is certainly a selling point, as Brennan has nothing but her acoustic guitar and a handful of stories – with no wall of sound to hide behind.

Caroline Brennan: The Journey
Caroline Brennan: The Journey – used with permission

Caroline Brennan Puts it All Out There

Whether this is your style of music or not, there’s no denying that Brennan put her heart and soul into The Journey. And, she proves time and again that she is just as comfortable delivering a three-minute, radio-ready single as she is delivering a gut-wrenching number. And, that duality certainly shines through.

According to Brennan, the five tracks on The Journey represent the “human life experience” – including the heartache and triumph that comes with it. And, in only a handful of songs, Brennan skillfully manages to convey that experience through music, in all of its painful, powerful glory.

Caroline Brennan: The Journey
Caroline Brennan: The Journey – used with permission

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