Home Music Album Review: Wayne Merdinger – ‘Hidden Gems’

Album Review: Wayne Merdinger – ‘Hidden Gems’

Album Review: Wayne Merdinger – ‘Hidden Gems’
Wayne Merdinger: Hidden Gems

Folk singer/songwriter Wayne Merdinger recently released his latest 13-track offering, Hidden Gems. But, are there diamonds in the rough on this fresh, new record?

Wayne Merdinger Releases Full-Length Album Hidden Gems

As soon as you hit play on Wayne Merdinger’s brand new record, the title track, Hidden Gems, rings out. And as soon as the music starts, the easy listening vibes come through in a big way.

Almost instantly, listeners are reminded of artists like James Taylor, as Wayne Merdinger comes through with soft piano and soothing guitar melodies. Indeed, there’s a dreamy quality to the overall songwriting approach that will resonate with listeners.

And, with tracks like Abbey Road, the Beatles influence on Wayne Merdinger’s sound is undeniable as well.

Wayne Merdinger Sticks to His Roots on Hidden Gems

If Folk with Pop sensibility is your cup of tea musically, Wayne Merdinger has you covered. Tracks like Lose To Gain, Missing You, and American Dream further that sonic profile and round out the listening experience as a whole.

Interestingly, if many of the tracks on Hidden Gems sound familiar, it’s because this record is a collection of six previously unreleased tracks and six previously released singles. So, if listeners find themselves feeling a bit of nostalgia, this is why.

Wayne Merdinger: Hidden Gems
Wayne Merdinger: Hidden Gems – used with permission

Hidden Gems Knows its Audience

One thing you can’t take away from Hidden Gems is the fact that Merdinger knows his audience, and he plays to that strength. There’s no question that Merdinger’s sound is very niche. And because of this, it won’t appeal to everyone.

But, on the other side of that coin, Wayne Merdinger knows his base. And anyone already into this style will certainly find more than a few “hidden gems” to add to their playlist.

Wayne Merdinger: Hidden Gems
Wayne Merdinger: Hidden Gems – used with permission

Overall, Hidden Gems is a relaxing listening experience that brings together some of Merdinger’s best tracks. And, his nostalgic sound will certainly appeal to his existing audience.

And, he may even attract some new listeners with this new release. Overall, Hidden Gems is a solid record. And as a bonus, this collection of tracks gives the spotlight to many previously unreleased songs that finally get to see the light of day.

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