Album Review: Brady Harris – ‘Hotel In The Sky’

Indie Rocker Brady Harris recently released his latest EP, Hotel In The Sky. So is this latest release worth a listen?

Brady Harris Showcases Signature Sound on Hotel In The Sky

Hotel In The Sky kicks off with the self-titled track to introduce this latest project from Brady Harris. And, almost immediately, all of Harris’ influences are on full display on this track.

Whether it’s the Beatles influence or the backdrop of Americana, there’s a lot going on in this opening track. And, Harris navigates everything seamlessly while focusing on catchy hooks and driving melodies to lure listeners in. Overall, Hotel In The Sky is a great way to introduce this record.

Top-Notch Production Meets Catchy Earworms on Hotel In The Sky

By the second track of the Hotel In The Sky EP, Economy Of Sound, it’s evident that Brady Harris is a master craftsman when it comes to arranging and executing infectious tunes. And, whether it’s incorporating elements of Funk or Psychedelic vibes into his Indie Rock framework, nothing seems out of place.

In fact, just like the Economy Of Sound title suggests, Brady Harris is very economical in his approach to songwriting, knowing when to pull back and when to push forward – creating a balanced listening experience in the process.

Brady Harris: Hotel In The Sky
Brady Harris: Hotel In The Sky – photo credit: Dale Marks – used with permission

Hotel In The Sky Will Have You Smashing the Repeat Button

Even though Hotel In The Sky is only five tracks in length, Brady Harris packs so much sound and substance into this EP that it feels like a full-length record. Harris is at his best when it comes to crafting layered listening experiences. And each of the five tracks on Hotel In The Sky is an experience.

Brady Harris: Hotel In The Sky
Brady Harris: Hotel In The Sky – photo credit: Dale Marks – used with permission

Meanwhile, even if this Beatles infused with Texas sound isn’t in your usual wheelhouse, everyone will find something that grabs their attention on this record. With vintage sounds, slick melodies, and mind-altering, psychedelic riffs, Brady Harris fires on all cylinders on Hotel In The Sky – and the result is nothing short of pure genius.

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