Album Review: Erik & The Worldly Savages – ‘FUTURE THUNDER VOID’

Folk Punk rockers Erik & The Worldly Savages recently released a fresh EP, FUTURE THUNDER VOID. So, is this brand new EP worth a listen?

Erik & The Worldly Savages Bring it with FUTURE THUNDER VOID

For any first-time listeners, Erik & The Worldly Savages is a band that takes you on a musical journey. And, as soon as you hit play on the brand new EP, FUTURE THUNDER VOID, you’re instantly sucked into this sonic vortex in the best possible way.

As the EP opener, THUNDER in our hearts starts off like an epic Western – so much so that you half expect the tumbleweeds to start rolling in. Overall, this is a standout track that introduces the record in the perfect way.

Epic is a word that comes to mind when you take in the listening experience as a whole. THUNDER in our hearts is easily the kind of track that could find its way onto a big-budget Hollywood movie soundtrack – and it certainly has all the ambiance and attitude to match.

FUTURE THUNDER VOID is the Whole Package

FUTURE THUNDER VOID is nothing short of a whole mood. Erik & The Worldly Savages slide seamlessly into the EP’s second track, EMBRACE the VOID.

And even though it’s apparent that this band has a tendency to overdo it with the caps lock in song and album titles, when they make music this good, they can do whatever the hell they want.

Overall, Erik and The Worldly Savages lean into the Western theme on the rest of this record – and that’s not at all a bad thing. The one thing they do flawlessly is create a mood and sustain it all the way through.

Erik & The Worldly Savages: FUTURE THUNDER VOID
Erik & The Worldly Savages: FUTURE THUNDER VOID – used with permission

This band is a well-oiled machine, and by no means a one-trick pony. And, even if this style of music is not your particular cup of tea, there’s enough going on musically and lyrically to hook listeners of all types, including some killer lead guitar licks, vibrant horn sections, and walking bass lines scattered throughout the record.

If Erik is Wyatt Earp, then The Worldly Savages are his Doc Holliday (a.k.a. his “Huckleberry”), and together, they crafted a musical masterpiece with FUTURE THUNDER VOID.

Erik & The Worldly Savages: FUTURE THUNDER VOID
Erik & The Worldly Savages: FUTURE THUNDER VOID

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