’90 Day Fiance’: Tim Malcolm Caught Filming New Season with Mystery Woman

90 Day Fiance celeb Tim Malcolm is the unlikely face of the TLC franchise, especially when you consider the way things started for him with Jeniffer Tarazona. But, based on the latest tea making the rounds, Tim was spotted with a film crew and a mystery woman. So what’s the latest?

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm a Big Hit with TLC Fans

It’s safe to say that 90 Day Fiance celeb Tim Malcolm has had the biggest glow-up of any cast member on the franchise when it comes to a boost in popularity. When he was with Jeniffer Tarazona, TLC painted him as a feminine guy with an obsession with face creams and masks. But, he has completely flipped the script since then.

These days, along with Veronica Rodriguez, Tim Malcolm is a fixture of the franchise. So much so that viewers these days can’t think of the show without thinking of Tim and his witty comebacks. And, as viewers saw, TLC even brought Tim and Veronica back to sit in at the recent Tell-All.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm
90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm/YouTube

TLC Celeb Spotted Filming with Mystery Woman?

Recently, Tim Malcolm was a side character for Veronica Rodriguez in her The Single Life storyline. But, based on the most recent tea making the rounds, it looks like Tim is taking center stage yet again – and he has a new woman on his arm to do it with.

It turns out, recent leaks show Tim with a TLC film crew – as well as a new woman. For any 90 Day Fiance fans that have been following Tim closely, Tim dated Linda Ramirez after things ended with Jeniffer Tarazona. And, she also happens to be from Colombia. So, it’s clear that Tim definitely has a type.

90 Day Fiance: Linda Ramirez
90 Day Fiance: Linda Ramirez/Instagram

What to Expect in New 90 Day Fiance Scenes

While it’s true that Tim Malcolm had been dating Linda Ramirez for some time, the truth is, most 90 Day Fiance fans don’t know much about her – other than the fact that there’s a resemblance between her and Tim’s ex. In addition, there was a 17-year age gap between them.

But, given that the pic of Tim filming with a woman was taken from a distance, some 90 Day Fiance fans aren’t sure if Tim is filming with Linda Ramirez or someone new entirely. Because, split rumors made the rounds regarding Tim and his latest Colombian love.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm
90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm

Interestingly, Tim currently lists himself as “Single” on his public figure Facebook profile. So, for all intents and purposes, he could be filming with a completely new woman. But, just based on recent leaked pictures, this mystery woman has dark hair and looks like Tim’s usual type. So in a sense, he is certainly sticking to what he likes.

And, while it’s unclear exactly what season Tim is currently filming for, the fact that TLC brought him back is certainly good news for his many fans. Indeed, even though there’s still an ongoing debate among fans as to whether he is filming with Linda Ramirez or someone completely new, the one guarantee viewers have is that Tim will be back in the spotlight – and that’s more than enough to get watchers tuning in.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm
90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm/Instagram

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