Single Review: Adam Randy – ‘Don’t Play’

Pop/Rock singer/songwriter Adam Randy recently released an all-new single, Don’t Play. So, is this new track worth a listen?

Singer/Songwriter Adam Randy Releases Don’t Play

As soon as you hit play on Adam Randy’s latest single, it’s obvious right from the opening note that he isn’t messing around. A mix of keys, synth elements, vocal layering, and steady drums build the foundation for this brand new single – and it’s a guaranteed earworm.

According to the singer/songwriter, this new track is a warning not to “play” with his trust or his heart. And, despite the catchy beat, the subject matter of this track hits quite deep. And, the duality of upbeat instrumentation with somber lyrics certainly drives the track home even more.

Adam Randy: Don't Play
Adam Randy: Don’t Play – used with permission

Everything & the Kitchen Sink on Brand New Track

It’s not a stretch to say that this artist puts it all on the line on his new single. The pop/rock artist brings out his entire bag of tricks and uses it to its full potential on this fresh track.

Whether it’s the catchy beat, the head-nodding melodies, or things like a killer guitar solo, Adam Randy puts the full arsenal on display in under four minutes – and the end result truly packs a punch.

Adam Randy: Don't Play
Adam Randy: Don’t Play – used with permission

Adam Randy Brings it Home on Don’t Play

With so many elements working within such a small timeframe, it’d be easy for a track like this to become too busy. But, thanks to the arrangement and the skillful artistry of Randy, he manages to pack a lot into very little without it coming across as too much.

Balance is a great way to describe this latest offering – and the fact that Adam Randy pulls off that balance effortlessly is a true testament to his skill as a musician. And without a doubt, the teaser that is Don’t Play will have listeners eager for a full album. Meanwhile, it’s clear that when it comes to writing catchy singles, Adam Randy doesn’t play.

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