Single Review: Emery Pulse – ‘Heart Fulfilled’

Retro Pop artist Emery Pulse recently released her brand new single, Heart Fulfilled. So how does this new offering stack up, and is it worth a listen?

Emery Pulse Releases New Single

With her latest single release, Emery Pulse takes her listeners on a journey right back to retro with her 80s-inspired track. As soon as you hit play on her new song, it’s a straight shot of nostalgia in the best possible way – no chaser needed.

Heart Fulfilled is a dreamy ballad with some kick. And, as soon as the melodies kick in, they are an instant earworm. In addition, Emery Pulse’s angelic vocals further perpetuate the dreamlike quality of this track.

Heart Fulfilled is an Instant Classic

From start to finish, this new single by Emery Pulse is catchy and uplifting. Listeners will likely find themselves humming along to the melodies and textures of this track – with the arrangement, execution, and performance being top-tier.

Emery Pulse: Heart Fulfilled
Emery Pulse: Heart Fulfilled – used with permission

In addition, the brooding themes of longing and lost love are tempered by the upbeat melodies and arrangement – creating a contrast that truly makes the track. And, of course, the cherry on top of this sonic sundae is Emery Pulse’s vocals bringing everything home.

In retrospect, the only thing unfortunate about this new track from Emery Pulse is that there isn’t a whole album to accompany it. Indeed, hearing Heart Fulfilled will have many listeners wanting more. And in terms of keeping listeners hungry, Heart Fulfilled accomplishes just that.

Emery Pulse: Heart Fulfilled
Emery Pulse: Heart Fulfilled – used with permission

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