Album Review: Vectralux – ‘The Subtle Extravaganza’

Atlanta-based Indie Pop act Vectralux recently released a brand new, five-track EP, The Subtle Extravaganza. So, is this latest offering worth a listen?

Vectralux Release The Subtle Extravaganza

As the first track of the five-track offering, The Subtle Extravaganza, Dopamine delivers just that as soon as the slick guitar licks and groovy baselines come through your headphones/speakers.

Almost instantly, Vectralux succeeds at doing something that a lot of bands fail to do – hook listeners from the opening note. In fact, the Dopamine groove is so infectious that listeners will be smashing the repeat button.

And, for anyone that hasn’t listened to this band before, Dopamine is a killer introduction to what promises to be an equally killer listening experience on The Subtle Extravaganza.

Vectralux Deliver on Latest Release

One could say that this album is the textbook definition of short and sweet. Vectralux has the uncanny ability to give listeners everything they could want, and yet, keep them wanting more at the same time.

And, even on the follow-up track, Agonizing Reappraisal manages to make a more balladesque track shine. And, it’s further proof that even if the band slows down the tempo, they still maintain their stranglehold on intensity and top-notch musicianship.

Vectralux: The Subtle Extravaganza
Vectralux: The Subtle Extravaganza – used with permission

The Subtle Extravaganza: A Modern Record with a Classic Sound

The best way to describe this record from Vectralux is a modern album with a classic sound. So much so that all five tracks sound as though they could have come from an 80s record.

And yet, Vectralux brings that vintage sound and infuses it with a modern touch – paying homage to bands like Talking Heads and The Clash while at the same time making classic sounds seem new again. So, if there’s a way for nostalgia to sound fresh, Vectralux has certainly found that formula.

Another thing that this band succeeds at doing with The Subtle Extravaganza is packing a lot of punch into a short runtime – all while not feeling forced. And, with the poise and musicianship they showcase on only their second release, there’s nowhere for this band to go but up.

Vectralux: The Subtle Extravaganza
Vectralux: The Subtle Extravaganza – used with permission

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