‘The Little Couple’: Will & Zoey Celebrate Special Day with Mama Jen

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold celebrated a special day recently – and she had her children, Zoey Klein and Will Klein, on hand to celebrate with her. So what happened with this former TLC family?

Social Media the Only Way to Get The Little Couple Updates

As The Little Couple fans are well aware, the TLC show has been off the air since 2019. And with Jennifer Arnold recently confirming that the family wouldn’t be coming back to film new episodes, hopes of a revival were dashed.

Because of that, these days, the only way to keep tabs on Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, and their children is through social media. And even though it’s a great way to stay connected to everything they have going on, many The Little Couple fans agree that it’s not the same as getting to watch them on television.

The Little Couple: Will Klein - Bill Klein - Jennifer Arnold - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Will Klein – Bill Klein – Jennifer Arnold – Zoey Klein/Instagram

Jennifer Arnold Recently Celebrated a Big Day with Will & Zoey on Hand

Recently, Jennifer Arnold celebrated a big day – and she had Will and Zoey to celebrate with her. It turns out, it was recently Jen’s birthday – and the Pisces mom is officially 49. So, one more year to go until the big 50.

From the looks of it, Jennifer Arnold had fun at home, making TikTok videos with her kids. And if this is what 49 looks like for her, it certainly looks like it’ll be a good year, not just for Jen, but for the entire The Little Couple family.

Meanwhile, birthday wishes and other positive messages continue to pour in for Jen as everyone wishes her the best.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Will Klein - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Will Klein – Zoey Klein/Instagram

The Little Couple Family Recently Went All Out for Will’s Special Day

In contrast to Jennifer Arnold partying at home to celebrate her special day, the entire The Little Couple family went all out to celebrate Will Klein’s birthday recently. As followers keeping up with their updates saw, they made the drive from Boston to New York and spent the weekend living it up in The Big Apple.

Along with checking out some of their favorite restaurants and sightseeing, the family also got tickets to see a production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. And, after all that activity just a few weeks ago, it makes sense why Jennifer Arnold seemed to want to keep things low-key on her special day.

All in all, Jennifer Arnold has a lot to be thankful for as she welcomes a new year with her loved ones close. And many of Jen’s 1.1M social media followers can’t wait to see what this new year brings.

The Little Couple: Will Klein - Zoey Klein - Jennifer Arnold - Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Will Klein – Zoey Klein – Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein/Instagram

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