Home Music Single Review: Red Bird Rising – ‘My Revolution’ (Featuring Taras Kuznetzov)

Single Review: Red Bird Rising – ‘My Revolution’ (Featuring Taras Kuznetzov)

Single Review: Red Bird Rising – ‘My Revolution’ (Featuring Taras Kuznetzov)
Red Bird Rising: My Revolution

Deidrich Donald Weiss – better known by his musical moniker Red Bird Rising – recently released a very poignant single. My Revolution featuring Taras Kuznetzov is the kind of sonic anthem that plants the seeds of change. But how does the track stack up?

Red Bird Rising Releases Brand New Single

As listeners know, musicians release records and singles all the time. But, that being said, some tracks are more poignant than others. These tracks come from a place of pain, experience, and at times, an urgent need for change. And this latest track, My Revolution, is just such an offering.

Indeed, the inspiration for the track came to Deidrich Donald Wess out of the need to pen both a love song and an anti-war statement – particularly in light of everything that has happened recently in Ukraine. And when it comes to My Revolution, Red Bird Rising manages to do just that.

Red Bird Rising: My Revolution
Red Bird Rising: My Revolution – used with permission

My Revolution is Music with a Message from Red Bird Rising

My Revolution from Red Bird Rising is music with a message at its finest. But, even without the lyrical depth and subject matter carrying the track in a big way, the overall musicianship is more than enough to catch the attention of listeners.

The track has a slick bass line that can be heard throughout – and even with everything else going on, it doesn’t get drowned out in the mix. In addition to that, funky guitar licks and melodies add texture to the track – creating the ideal backdrop for Deidrich Donald Weiss to share his message.

Vocally, the track features Taras Kuznetzov. His deep vocal tone is reminiscent of the late, great Mark Lanegan – an intricate part of the iconic Seattle sound. And Kuznetzov’s deep tone sounds eerily similar to that. Meanwhile, when you combine his low register with the soulful, funky vibes, you have a winning formula that’s worth a listen.

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