Home Music Single Review: DJ Patsan – ‘Come This Way’

Single Review: DJ Patsan – ‘Come This Way’

Single Review: DJ Patsan – ‘Come This Way’
DJ Patsan

2023 in full swing means a brand new year of fresh music – and House/EDM producer DJ Patsan is starting things off the right way with a brand new single, Come This Way. So is this new track worth a listen?

DJ Patsan Wants to Inspire His Listeners

The Thailand-based producer, DJ Patsan, makes music with feel-good vibes for any listeners needing a “pick-me-up”. And like many artists, he wants his music to have a positive impact on his listeners – particularly during “tough times”.

Meanwhile, his blend of styles is sure to get people on the dance floor with his club-ready sensibility. And nowhere is his artistry more prominent than on his latest single, Come This Way.

On this latest single, DJ Patsan takes great pride in blending country pop vocals with House elements, and, in his words, putting together two genres that were “previously separate”. And, Come This Way is the result.

DJ Patsan
DJ Patsan – used with permission

DJ Patsan Releases Brand New Track: Come This Way

For anyone unfamiliar with DJ Patsan’s style, Come This Way may catch some listeners off-guard. While the backdrop and composition of the song is filled with House staples you might expect, the vocal styling of Come This Way comes across like a nursery rhyme in a lot of ways.

And, that stylistic choice may be off-putting to some. But, at the same time, it’s something that can potentially grow on you the more you listen to it. Meanwhile, clocking in at a little over two and a half minutes, this is easily the kind of track you can have on loop and not even realize it.

Indeed, for a DJ known for blending various styles, Come This Way certainly fits within that wheelhouse. And while it may not be for everyone, this single delivers in terms of being a quick pick-me-up if you feel yourself falling into a slump.

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