’90 Day Fiance’: Cynthia Decker Shares Rare Photo of Her True Bestie – and it’s Not Molly

90 Day Fiance fans fell in love with Cynthia Decker as she and former bestie Molly Hopkins tore it up in Pillow Talk scenes with their witty banter. And based on the latest from Cynthia, she recently shared a rare look at her true best friend, who is helping her through an incredibly difficult time – and it’s not Molly.

Molly Hopkins & Cynthia Decker Feud Rocked 90 Day Fiance Community

For so many years, Molly Hopkins was the peanut butter to Cynthia Decker’s jelly – and vice versa. So, the news that the former besties are no longer BFFs completely shocked 90 Day Fiance fans.

When you consider how long these ladies were friends and business partners, there are certain bonds you don’t expect to ever break. And that was exactly the kind of bond that these two had.

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins - Cynthia Decker
90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins – Cynthia Decker/YouTube

Molly Lost Her Bestie & Her Boyfriend

Meanwhile, with Molly Hopkins losing her bestie and her boyfriend in quick succession, 90 Day Fiance fans have been quick to point the finger at Molly over what went down in both of her significant relationships.

And because both Kelly Brown and Cynthia Decker have been dropping hints that Molly is the toxic common denominator in these equations, many 90 Day Fiance fans believe it was Molly that played the biggest role in dissolving two of her most significant bonds.

Of course, recent tea made the rounds that Molly’s daughter, Olivia, had something to do with everything that went down. But up until this point, other than throwing cryptic shade on social media, neither Kelly, Cynthia, or Molly has offered anything concrete as far as what went down behind the scenes.

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins
90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins/YouTube

Cynthia Decker Shares Rare Look at Daughter

With everything that Cynthia Decker has been dealing with since losing her bestie and business partner, she has leaned on her daughter for support. And recently, the TLC fan-fave shared a rare series of pics with her mini-me.

Cynthia Decker went on to tell her 90 Day Fiance fans that her daughter always has her back – especially as she has been dealing with the fallout from everything with Molly. According to Cynthia, she lost her “friend” and “business” in one day.

And certainly, that’s a tough pill to swallow for anyone – especially when you deal with this at the hands of someone you once considered family. Cynthia went on to say that she had been “crying all day” when she took the photos with her daughter, adding that she was having “extreme anxiety” over the “shock” of losing so much in her personal and professional life.

90 Day Fiance: Cynthia Decker - Rainey
90 Day Fiance: Cynthia Decker – Rainey/Instagram

Cynthia’s Daughter Proves What a Real Best Friend Does

Luckily, her daughter has been there for her as Cynthia’s world has been “crumbling” around her. And according to Cynthia, her daughter gave her “strength” and reminded her of her worth when she needed it most. Indeed, Cynthia referred to her daughter as her “best friend” – a not-so-subtle dig at Molly, to be sure.

Meanwhile, despite feeling “empty” and “broken” after everything she has been through, Cynthia is maintaining a positive outlook – thanks in large part to her daughter, who helped her through this harrowing time. And along with that, Cynthia has the support of many 90 Day Fiance fans as she picks up the pieces of her life and allows the sun to “shine again”.

90 Day Fiance: Cynthia Decker - Rainey
90 Day Fiance: Cynthia Decker – Rainey/Instagram

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