‘7 Little Johnstons’: Liz Johnston Partying it Up & Boozing

7 Little Johnstons celeb Liz Johnston is all grown up – and of legal age to drink alcohol. And to celebrate this huge milestone in her life, the TLC cast member turned up in a big way, and many of her family members were with her to celebrate. So what’s the latest?

7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston Recently Celebrated a Big Day

As longtime 7 Little Johnstons fans keeping up with the TLC family updates know, Liz Johnston celebrated her birthday recently. And not long before that, her older brother, Jonah Johnston, did the same.

Like how they did with Jonah, Amber and Trent shared adorable throwback pics of Liz when she was a baby – and many of their 7 Little Johnstons fans love taking these detours down memory lane, and seeing the family long before they had their widely popular network show.

Indeed, along with the cute throwback pics of baby Liz, Amber and Trent wished the happiest of birthdays to their “daughter in the middle”. And from the looks of it, she is taking full advantage of being 21 several days after her official birthday.

7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston/Instagram

TLC Celeb Partying it Up Big Time

A few days after her official birthday, Elizabeth Johnston is still partying it up with all her friends and loved ones. And based on the latest updates from the 7 Little Johnstons cast member, she took part in a “21st Hoedown”.

And that included her siblings and friends looking the part – wearing cowboy hats and more – to ring in this special time for the 7 Little Johnstons star.

Based on the pics Liz shared with her hundreds of thousands of 7 Little Johnsons fans, everyone had a blast. And even though it’s not clear how much alcohol Liz may have had since she is now of legal age to drink, it certainly looks like a night to remember for all involved.

7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston - Anna Johnston - Emma Johnston - Amber Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston – Anna Johnston – Emma Johnston – Amber Johnston/Instagram

7 Little Johnstons Celeb Living Her Best Life in 2022

With 2022 soon coming to a close, it has been quite the year for Liz Johnston. Indeed, she and Brice Bolden are still going strong as a couple. And as 7 Little Johnstons fans may remember, the duo recently sparked engagement rumors based on a series of photos the lovebirds took together.

On top of that, some viewers even suspected that Liz and Brice might be expecting. But, Liz was quick to shoot down all of that speculation. Still, even though there’s no engagement or baby on the way, viewers love seeing the love Liz and Brice share – especially as they’ve made a home together.

Indeed, if 2022 is any indication of how the next year will look for Liz, she is certainly on the right foot. And now that she is officially one year older, she has even more to look forward to in 2023.

7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston - Brice Bolden
7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston – Brice Bolden/Instagram

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