’90 Day Fiance’: Mohamed Abdelhamed Resurfaces – Confirms He’s Still in America?

90 Day Fiance celeb Mohamed Abdelhamed had more than enough drama on and off-camera with Yve Arellano. And recently, he resurfaced with news about his current situation. So what did the man from Egypt reveal?

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Abdelhamed Called Out as A Scammer from Day One

As longtime 90 Day Fiance watchers know, whether or not foreign cast members are scamming their American love interests for a green card is always a hot topic of discussion. But when it comes to Mohamed Abdelhamed, the red flags were so blatant with him that his intentions were unmistakable.

Unfortunately for Yve Arellano, she had the rose-colored glasses on tight despite the entire 90 Day Fiance community calling out the Egyptian man for his blatant bad behavior toward her.

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Abdelhamed
90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Abdelhamed/YouTube

TLC Cheating Scandal & Domestic Violence Fiasco Big News

Between the leaked texts showing Mohamed Abdelhamed talking to another woman and the domestic violence incident that followed soon after, Mohamed’s off-camera storyline with Yve Arellano was more drama-filled than any of the scenes they filmed for TLC.

And many fans called Mohamed Abdelhamed out for orchestrating the whole thing in order to be able to stay in America – which many fans saw as his goal from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, because of Yve’s violent outburst against him, most 90 Day Fiance fans suspect Mohamed was able to get a U visa, which protects immigrants that have suffered abuse – providing a pathway for them to remain in America.

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Abdelhamed - Yve Arellano
90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Abdelhamed – Yve Arellano/YouTube

90 Day Fiance Celeb Resurfaces – Confirms He’s Still in America?

Mohamed Abdelhamed went quiet on social media not long after news of the cheating scandal and domestic violence incident broke. And naturally, fans have been curious about what he has been up to – and whether or not he is still on American soil.

Meanwhile, a recent clip of Mohamed seems to answer some of those questions that 90 Day Fiance fans have. In the clip, Mohamed is in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. So it could be safe to assume he has his own mode of transportation now.

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Abdelhamed
90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Abdelhamed/YouTube

In addition, Mohamed Abdelhamed told his followers that he has been “working hard” – and that he has been “too busy” to be on social media. Conveniently, though, he didn’t mention his current location or what he is doing for work. But from the looks of it, he seems to have gotten everything he wanted from his dumpster fire relationship with Yve.

And even though the vast majority of fans believe he should be sent back to Egypt, it seems he was able to see this scam to fruition. On top of that, he appears to be living his American Dream even without Yve in the picture.

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Abdelhamed
90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Abdelhamed/Instagram

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