’90 Day Fiance’: Shaeeda Lashes Out – Hurt by Fans?

90 Day Fiance celeb Shaeeda Sween is typically about positivity, love, and light. But based on a recent update from her, Bilal Hazziez’s wife was anything but. So what happened to set her off?

90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda Sween Typically a Source of Positivity

As long as 90 Day Fiance fans have known Shaeeda Sween, the Caribbean woman has done her best to make the best of every bad situation she has been faced with. Anytime Bilal Hazziez has thrown her a curveball, she has rolled with it – and that’s a quality viewers love about her.

Shaeeda navigates everything Bilal throws at her with grace. And after everything she has been through since landing in America, many 90 Day Fiance fans agree that she deserves so much better. But based on the latest updates from her, Shaeeda lashed out in a big way.

90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda Sween
90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda Sween/Instagram

TLC Celeb Lashes Out at Fans – Defends Her Man?

From the moment Bilal Hazziez was introduced in 90 Day Fiance scenes with Shaeeda Sween, fans called him out for being a liar and gaslighter. Right out of the gate, he started out with his pranks – and that rubbed viewers the wrong way.

Meanwhile, with 90 Day Fiance fans attacking Bilal on the regular for months, it seems Shaeeda finally had enough – and she spoke out in defense of her husband recently.

According to Shaeeda Sween, she is “hurt” by fans and the “meaningless hate” that they direct toward her husband, Bilal Hazziez. In addition, she encouraged her followers to enjoy the show without becoming a “MONSTER”.

90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda Sween
90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda Sween

90 Day Fiance Editing to Blame?

Of course, how much production edits scenes and storylines to push a particular narrative is a recurring question with every new batch of couples. But based on what viewers have seen from Bilal, the vast majority of watchers agree that TLC likely didn’t have to do much to make Bilal look bad.

Between the gaslighting, belittling, and the control Bilal exerts over every little thing related to Shaeeda and the things she does, viewers think the Caribbean woman would be better off without him. But it’s clear that fan remarks finally pushed Shaeeda over the edge, and that she finally decided to draw a line in the sand in defense of her husband.

If nothing else, it’s clear that Shaeeda sees something that the vast majority of viewers don’t – and that she is willing to stand by her man amid all the criticism.

90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda Sween - Bilal Hazziez
90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda Sween – Bilal Hazziez/YouTube

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