‘My 600-lb Life’ Update: Where is Robin McKinley Now?

My 600-lb Life celeb Robin McKinley was featured on Season 7 of the popular TLC weight loss show with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. But what is she up to these days, and has she kept up with her weight loss journey?

My 600-lb Life: Robin McKinley Needed Serious Help

As longtime My 600-lb Life viewers will remember, it wasn’t just Robin McKinley that suffered from being overweight. A lot of the time on the TLC show, one family member is morbidly obese while their immediate family is relatively healthy. But that wasn’t the case with Robin and her brood.

Along with Robin struggling with her weight, her entire family struggled as well. So it created a toxic environment where food was the only comfort. By the time Robin graduated from high school, she was already 350 pounds – and that set a precedent for what she would struggle with for a good chunk of her adult life.

My 600-lb Life: Robin McKinley
My 600-lb Life: Robin McKinley/YouTube

TLC Celeb in Desperate Need of Dr. Now’s Help

By the time Robin McKinley stepped on the scale in Houston for Dr. Now, she essentially doubled her high school graduation weight. Robin clocked in at 648 pounds – and she even had to give up her job as a teacher due to her weight. Suffice it to say; she was out of options when she finally arrived in Houston seeking Dr. Now’s help.

But, luckily for Robin McKinley, she wasn’t alone on her weight loss journey. It turns out, her nephew, Garrett, joined her, including accompanying her to Houston. And if nothing else, having a family member in her corner certainly made the monumental task ahead seem a little less daunting.

Thanks to a considerable amount of work and a willingness to trust in the process, Robin got down to 394 pounds following a successful weight loss surgery. And just like her, her nephew Garrett found success too. He went from a starting weight of 607 to 337. So that was certainly a win for them both.

My 600-lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan
My 600-lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan/YouTube

Where is My 600-lb Life Star Robin McKinley Now?

After finding weight loss success in her My 600-lb Life episode, many viewers are curious about how Robin is in 2022 – and whether or not she maintains the healthy habits she developed under Dr. Now’s watchful eye.

It turns out, Robin is still happily married to her husband, James McKinley. And based on a social media before and after update from her, you can clearly tell she is keeping up with her weight loss journey and healthy living.

My 600-lb Life: Robin McKinley
My 600-lb Life: Robin McKinley/Instagram

And even though she hasn’t specified what the scale reads these days, the difference is noticeable. Meanwhile, as a bonus, Robin’s nephew Garrett has managed to stay on track as well – and he is even training to pursue work opportunities as a welder.

So, in this case, Robin succeeded in life, not only for herself, but for her nephew as well. And these days, they are both reaping the rewards of all the hard work they put in.

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