’90 Day Fiance’: Kimberly Menzies’ Shocking Criminal Past Revealed

90 Day Fiance fans have called out Usman Umar for scamming Kimberly Menzies from day one. But as it turns out, Kimberly has a shady past of her own – including criminal charges. So what’s the latest on her?

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Menzies Desperate for Love with Usman Umar

From the moment Kimberly Menzies filmed 90 Day Fiance scenes with Usman Umar, viewers pegged her as desperate. And the way she behaved when she didn’t initially get Usman’s yam was telling.

As far as Usman Umar goes, 90 Day Fiance fans called him out as a scammer ever since he first appeared in TLC scenes with Babygirl Lisa Hamme. And this time around, with Kimberly Menzies, the vast majority of fans see this as nothing more than rinse and repeat for the Nigerian entertainer.

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Menzies
90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Menzies/YouTube

Usman Umar Not the Only One with a Questionable Past

While Usman Umar has been called out as a scammer, it turns out that his love interest, Kimberly Menzies, isn’t exactly squeaky clean, either. In fact, according to the latest from InTouch, Kimberly Menzies has a criminal history. So what did the California woman do?

Kimberly Menzies was arrested on May 29, 2003, for forging a check. Interestingly, she pleaded guilty to the felony charge and paid back the amount ($887). Along with paying back the monetary amount, she was sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence.

A suspended sentence is often an alternative to jail time, provided the convicted party fulfills certain requirements. And sometimes, that alternative to jail time can include things like probation.

90 Day Fiance: Usman Umar
90 Day Fiance: Usman Umar/YouTube

Is 90 Day Fiance Celeb on the Wrong Show?

Kimberly Menzies’ surprising criminal conviction coming to light comes on the heels of the knowledge that she was previously married to a felon – a convicted murderer named Kevin Golphin.

So between her previous marriage to a convicted murderer – as well as her own felonious past – many fans think she should be on Love After Lockup rather than 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Menzies
90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Menzies/YouTube

If nothing else, it’s clear that Usman Umar isn’t the only one with a questionable past. And with how unlucky Kim has been in love, it makes even more sense why she is clinging so hard to Usman.

However, as fans see in current Happily Ever After episodes, Kim and Usman have hit an impasse when it comes to the second wife situation. So it may not be long before Usman ditches Kim and her criminal past for another woman to extend his time in the TLC spotlight.

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Menzies
90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Menzies/YouTube

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  1. I don’t see how Usman could come to America on a k1 or spousal visa if he has multiple wives. Wouldn’t that disqualify him, since polygamy is illegal in US?


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