’90 Day Fiance’: Tim Malcolm & Veronica Share Special Anniversary

90 Day Fiance besties Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez make quite the pair. And even though they are no longer romantically involved, they are very much a part of one another’s lives. Meanwhile, Tim and Veronica shared a special anniversary recently.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Love Tim Malcolm & Veronica Rodriguez’s Genuine Relationship

As anyone that has been in a serious relationship knows, it’s not always a thing that you end up being best buds with your ex. But as far as Veronica Rodriguez and Tim Malcolm are concerned, that’s exactly what happened with them.

Through thick and thin, Veronica and Tim have each other’s backs. And in addition to the genuine friendship the former couple has, they also co-parent Veronica’s teen daughter, Chloe. So, one way or another, they have certainly woven themselves into each other’s lives long after the romantic flame went out.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm
90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm/Instagram

Tim Malcolm Celebrates Special Anniversary with Veronica Rodriguez

As longtime 90 Day Fiance fans know, viewers first met Tim Malcolm when he traveled to Colombia to be with his now-ex, Jeniffer Tarazona. And even through all of that, Veronica was looking out for her bestie.

Meanwhile, Tim celebrated an interesting anniversary recently. It turns out, it has been four years since Tim Malcolm first went to casting for 90 Day Fiance – to pursue his Colombian love, Jeniffer Tarazona.

And even though that 90 Day Fiance relationship didn’t work out, both Tim and Veronica have become a big part of the TLC franchise. And to mark the occasion, Tim shared a pic with Veronica.

90 Day Fiance: Veronica Rodriguez - Tim Malcolm - Chloe
90 Day Fiance: Veronica Rodriguez – Tim Malcolm – Chloe/Instagram

90 Day Fiance Pair Have Grown on Viewers

It’s no secret that Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez have grown on viewers in the four years since Tim went in for casting. And along with marking that special anniversary, Tim had some heartfelt things to say about Veronica, too.

According to Tim, all these years later, Veronica is still his “ride or die”. And, he went on to say that he is thankful for all the fans that have welcomed them into their homes over the last few years. Indeed, he is also glad that so many people appreciate their sense of humor.

As 90 Day Fiance fans remember, when Tim first appeared in scenes, both he and Veronica got a lot of hate. And if nothing else, they’ve turned that around in recent years to become a staple of the franchise.

And whether it’s the back-and-forth witty banter or Tim getting between Veronica and her date, viewers love to see the genuine bond they have. Moreover, they certainly have a lot to celebrate with this unique anniversary.

90 Day Fiance: Linda Ramirez - Tim Malcolm - Veronica Rodriguez - Shayne Malcolm
90 Day Fiance: Linda Ramirez – Tim Malcolm – Veronica Rodriguez – Shayne Malcolm/Instagram

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