Single Review: Johanna Dadap – ‘The World’s Gone Up In Smoke’

Filipino Pop singer and songwriter Johanna Dadap recently released her heart-wrenching single, The World’s Gone Up In Smoke. So is this new single worth a listen?

Johanna Dadap Shines on Brand New Single – The World’s Gone Up In Smoke

Taking into account the heavy subject matter of Johanna Dadap’s latest single, her dreamy delivery and ethereal arrangement lull the listener into a trance-like state – almost making the otherwise depressive subject matter that much more palatable.

Soothing melodies and Dadap’s whiskey-soaked vocal delivery make the tough pill of this song that much easier to swallow – and the juxtaposition of the lullaby quality mingled with the heavy lyrics make for an even more poignant listening experience as a whole.

Johanna Dadap
Johanna Dadap – used with permission

Johanna Dadap Wise Beyond Her Years

At just 19 years old, Johanna Dadap has a maturity in her music that goes well beyond her years. And this new single, The World’s Gone Up In Smoke is reminiscent of industry heavyweights like Norah Jones or Regina Spektor.

In addition, Dadap’s vocals are in the pocket at a lower register – adding even more layers to the overall listening experience. Meanwhile, the high-pitched harmonies mesh well with the lower register vocal lines, hitting on all cylinders vocally.

Johanna Dadap
Johanna Dadap – used with permission

Along with that, the subdued instrumentation and arrangement provide the perfect sonic palate for the artist to shine. And if nothing else, if this is merely a taste of what the future holds for this young musician, her musical future is certainly a bright one.

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