‘The Family Chantel’: The Truth Behind Chantel Pulling $250k from Joint Account

The Family Chantel has been explosive this season with all of the Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno split drama. Meanwhile, recent theories suggest the true motive behind Chantel pulling a considerable sum of money from the former couple’s joint account.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett & Pedro Jimeno Split Played Out

There is plenty of drama for Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, between the information that is being revealed in real-time and the scenes from The Family Chantel.

Indeed, everything from Pedro Jimeno’s divorce to his infidelity to Chantel with his coworkers has been analyzed and discussed. And if nothing else, this is one of the most contentious divorces in the history of the 90 Day Fiance universe.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett - Pedro Jimeno
The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett – Pedro Jimeno/YouTube

Chantel Blindsided Pedro with Empty Bank Account

As viewers saw in The Family Chantel episodes, Pedro Jimeno discovered money was missing from the joint bank account he and Chantel Everett shared.

Chantel Everett shifted more than $250k from her joint bank account with Pedro to one she has with her sister Winter once things with the Dominican man came to a head, as The Family Chantel fans following this drama are aware.

Pedro had a rude awakening when he realized what happened. According to Pedro, he said Chantel left him with “nothing”, and as the knowledge sunk in, he freaked out – though many fans agree that this was karma at work.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno
The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno/YouTube

The Family Chantel: Where Did the $250k Come From?

With Chantel Everett moving such a large sum of money out of the former couple’s joint bank account, many The Family Chantel fans wonder where such a significant chunk came from.

While realtors can make a lot of money, it’s a relatively new career for Pedro. And likewise, even though Chantel Everett now has a career in nursing, she spent a lot of years in school, and hasn’t actually been on the job long.

Of course, there’s also TLC money – especially considering the fact that the spinoff has been running for four seasons. Even so, there’s another theory making the rounds as to where the money came from.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett - Pedro Jimeno
The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett – Pedro Jimeno/YouTube

Mama Karen to The Family Chantel Rescue?

The latest theory making the rounds is that Chantel nor Pedro earned the money Chantel took out after all. In fact, the latest theory alleges that the $250k Chantel took out was part of a trust fund set up by her mother, Mama Karen.

If true, Chantel Everett withdrawing the money was not just a way to pull the rug out from under Pedro, but also a way to protect what’s hers if her mother set that up for her.

As it is, there could be some legal hoops to jump through with the divorce process. But if nothing else, most fans agree that Chantel was right to do what she did – as most viewers say that Pedro Jimeno did her dirty. And that Chantel withdrawing the funds was her way of getting even – a last parting shot, as it were.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno - Chantel Everett
The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno – Chantel Everett

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