‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Conrad Welcomes Baby Boy

Married at First Sight celeb Katie Conrad has come a long way since she first filmed scenes with her ex, Derek Sherman. And she recently welcomed a baby boy into her family with her new husband, Brandon Eaves.

Married at First Sight: Things Crashed & Burned for Katie Conrad & Derek Sherman

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad appeared to bond early in their Married at First Sight season, but their young marriage had some fundamental issues. Katie was clear on the direction she wanted her life to go. But compared to his new wife, Derek showed a little more spontaneity.

One of the things that caused conflict between Katie and Derek was his grandiose goals. Derek had a long list of goals that he wanted to achieve. He was, in Katie’s perspective, unorganized and lacked direction as a result. They decided to stay together on Decision Day, but by the time the reunion special aired, they had split.

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman - Katie Conrad
Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman – Katie Conrad/YouTube

Lifetime Celeb Expecting with New Hubby

There is curiosity over who cast members find after failing marriages on Married at First Sight — typically on their own following the show. Of course, whether or not they learn anything from the experience is always up for debate, especially as to whether or not they put what they discover to use once they’re back in the wild.

It turns out, Katie Conrad found Brandon Eaves – not long after splitting with Derek Sherman. She also went back down the aisle with her new husband. The couple said their vows in Tennessee in June 2021. And not long after that, they made their pregnancy news public.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad - Brandon Eaves
Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad – Brandon Eaves/Instagram

Married at First Sight Celeb Welcomes Baby Boy

For the last few months, Married at First Sight alum Katie Conrad has been sharing baby bump updates with her many followers. And as her baby bump grew bigger with each new update, she recently made the announcement that she and her husband welcomed their baby boy.

It turns out, John Zachary Eaves made his debut on August 30 – and his parents couldn’t be prouder that they now have a new member of the family. Indeed, Katie Conrad, the Married at First Sight star, said that she and her husband, Brandon Eaves, are “over the moon” with their new addition.

Along with that, Katie Conrad thanked all of her followers for the “congratulatory messages and love”. In addition, she said that she and Brandon Eaves are “soaking up every moment” with their “sweet boy”.

Married at First Sight: John Zachary Eaves
Married at First Sight: John Zachary Eaves

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