Home Reality TV ‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Everett Has New, Famous Suitor?

‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Everett Has New, Famous Suitor?

‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Everett Has New, Famous Suitor?
The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett

With all The Family Chantel drama playing out over Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett’s split, it looks like Pedro isn’t the only one with his eye on someone new. And in Chantel’s case, she seems to have caught the attention of a famous celebrity.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett Pulled a Fast One on Pedro Jimeno

All season long in The Family Chantel episodes, viewers have watched the deterioration of Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s relationship. As Pedro checked out at home to spend his time canoodling with his co-workers, Chantel dealt with the realization that there was no salvaging the couple’s marriage.

Meanwhile, after everything Chantel Everett has been through at the hands of Pedro, she turned the tables on her now-ex when she siphoned over $200k from their joint account. And if nothing else, the look on Pedro’s face is priceless once he realizes what happened.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno
The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno/YouTube

TLC Celeb Courted by Famous Suitor?

For the last few months, the majority of the conversation has centered around Pedro Jimeno and the young women he surrounds himself with. But based on the latest updates, Chantel has a few famous suitors of her own.

Initially, after The Family Chantel news of Pedro Jimeno’s divorce filing became public, Chantel was linked to fellow reality star Rich Dollaz. But based on the latest updates, it seems there’s an even more famous suitor that has her on his radar.

The Family Chantel: Rich Dollaz
The Family Chantel: Rich Dollaz/YouTube

According to the latest reports, it’s the global celeb, rapper, and entrepreneur, Drake. From the looks of it, Drake slid into Chantel Everett’s DMs after her split from Pedro became public to check on her.

Of course, one of the things 90 Day Fiance fans keep an eye on is who someone is with after their initial relationship on the franchise doesn’t work out. And in Chantel’s case, if she has Drake shooting his shot with her, it’s certainly a major upgrade from her ex.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett Moving on in a Big Way

One of the most prevalent topics surrounding this The Family Chantel split is the co-workers Pedro Jimeno spends his time with. But with Chantel catching the eye of Drake, she is certainly the one coming out on top in this situation.

According to the latest reports, after initially sliding into Chantel Everett’s DMs to check on her, it seems the pair have continued the conversation. And it’s even alleged that they plan to meet up soon.

The Family Chantel: Drake
The Family Chantel: Drake/YouTube

As of this writing, there doesn’t seem to be anything serious between them just yet. But, that could change for the pair – especially if they maintain the ongoing conversation they have going. And if nothing else, after everything Chantel went through with Pedro, she certainly deserves someone that genuinely wants to give her attention. And at this point, it’s certainly a bonus that it’s Drake.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett
The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett/YouTube

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