‘Love After Lockup’: Where Are Angela & Tony in 2022?

Love After Lockup fans will never forget Angela Gail and Tony Wood. They were featured on the WEtv main franchise, as well as spinoffs. But what are they up to in 2022?

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail & Tony Faced a Lot of Problems

Ever since Angela Gail and Tony Wood first appeared in Love After Lockup episodes, their relationship was full of issues. As fans remember, the former couple got into explosive fights often. And most watchers will never forget the iconic scene when Angela burned Tony’s things in the yard.

Unfortunately for Angela Gail, Tony said in Love After Lockup confessionals that he is a womanizer. And during his time with Angela, he seemed to not be able to control himself when it came to talking to other women.

It got bad enough that Angela Gail went through Tony’s phone – and she made him sign an infamous list of rules to live by if he wanted to remain with her. And even though Tony made some bad choices, most watchers agreed that Angela’s set of rules was like putting Tony right back in prison.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail - Tony
Love After Lockup: Angela Gail – Tony/YouTube

WEtv Celeb Shows Off New Girl

Love After Lockup watchers are always curious about who cast members end up with after their initial relationships on the show don’t work out. And following his explosive relationship history with Angela Gail, Tony found a new “boo”.

Tony first shared Love After Lockup updates with his new lady back in March for his birthday. And at that time, he got to celebrate his birthday surrounded by family and his new lady love.

Meanwhile, based on the latest updates from the Love After Lockup star, he and his lady are still together and seem to be as strong as ever in their relationship. In his caption accompanying a recent pic of them together, Tony wrote that his new woman is his “everything”.

Love After Lockup: Tony Wood
Love After Lockup: Tony Wood/Instagram

Love After Lockup: What is Angela Gail Up to in 2022?

With Tony happy with a new woman in his life, many watchers wonder what Angela Gail is up to in 2022. Unfortunately, the WEtv celeb doesn’t update her social media often, as her latest update is from all the way back in March when she celebrated a birthday with friends.

Interestingly, she even shared a photo fishing with Ross. And according to Angela, she seems to be doing her own thing, “staying strong” and not putting up with any “sh**” from anyone. So if nothing else, she learned a thing or two from her time with Tony and is choosing her own peace above all else.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail - Ross
Love After Lockup: Angela Gail – Ross/Instagram

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