‘Welcome to Plathville’: Ethan Plath Opens Up – Feels Dirty After Birthday Bash

Welcome to Plathville fans saw Micah Plath let loose at a gentleman’s club to celebrate his 21st birthday – and he had family with him to take part in the shenanigans. Meanwhile, a TLC bonus scene reveals that not everyone had a great time.

Welcome to Plathville: Micah Plath Lets Loose at Gentleman’s Club

As Welcome to Plathville fans know, all of the Plath children were raised in an extremely strict environment. Meanwhile, Micah Plath has certainly broken away from his upbringing in a big way in recent years.

He moved to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career. And based on recent Welcome to Plathville scenes, he went to a strip club to celebrate turning 21 years old.

Perhaps most amusing of all, he had his older brother Ethan there to take part in the festivities. And it was no secret that Ethan was far less enthusiastic when it came to the way his younger brother chose to celebrate.

Welcome to Plathville: Micah Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Micah Plath/YouTube

Ethan Plath Wakes Up with Regret

A Welcome to Plathville bonus scene from TLC reveals the aftermath of Micah’s special night. And based on the recent clip, older brother Ethan wakes up with regret.

Ethan Plath was uncomfortable at the club with his brother. Meanwhile, a bonus scene from TLC reveals the aftermath of the Plath night of partying.

Ethan wakes up the next morning, saying he feels “hungover” and “dirty”. And it’s obvious, based on this bonus scene, that he didn’t have as good a time as his younger brother did. Ethan tells Micah that being at the club made him feel “all kinds of weird”. And according to Ethan, that’s why he bailed early.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath/YouTube

Welcome to Plathville Family Lets Loose in Upcoming Scenes

According to Welcome to Plathville spoilers, Micah’s 21st birthday party isn’t the only time the Plath family lets loose. In upcoming scenes, they take a family trip to Jamaica – and even Kim Plath gets in on the shenanigans.

Indeed, fans see Kim Plath letting loose as her going through a midlife crisis – especially given all the split drama with Barry Plath in the current season.

As for Micah, he lives his best life in Los Angeles these days as he pursues his dreams. Meanwhile, if nothing else, judging by Ethan’s reaction to the wild night out with his brother, it seems the partying lifestyle is most definitely not for him.

Be sure to catch all-new episodes of Welcome to Plathville, Tuesdays on TLC and Discovery Plus. And for all the latest Welcome to Plathville news, don’t forget to come back to Screen Legion.


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