‘Welcome to Plathville’ SPOILER: Kim Plath Shuns God – Boozes with Micah?

Welcome to Plathville spoilers for the remainder of the season show Kim Plath letting loose. So is she shunning God in favor of booze? And what else do teasers reveal?

Welcome to Plathville: All About Barry & Kim Split Drama

The drama surrounding Kim and Barry Plath’s separation is the primary subject of the most recent season, as viewers are aware. After decades of marriage, Kim wants a divorce. Barry wants to keep the marriage together, but Kim is clear that she wants to leave.

Meanwhile, Welcome to Plathville teasers suggest that Kim Plath laments the lack of fulfillment in her marriage to Barry. The Plath children are also currently bearing a big amount of the relationship turmoil in the most recent TLC episodes. In fact, a lot of viewers don’t think it’s appropriate for Barry and Kim to open up to their kids about their marital problems.

Welcome to Plathville: Barry Plath - Kim Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Barry Plath – Kim Plath

Kim Plath Boozes it Up with Micah?

Based on Welcome to Plathville spoilers for the remainder of the season, Kim Plath turns her back on her beliefs in a big way. As viewers know, the Plath children were brought up under strict rules. But with all the marriage drama with Barry, it seems Kim is turning her back on God and more in upcoming scenes.

The Plath family takes a trip in upcoming Welcome to Plathville scenes to Jamaica – and Kim is indeed in vacation mode based on spoilers. She says, “life’s short”, before sharing an alcoholic drink with her young son, Micah – officially their first drink together.

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath/YouTube

Midlife Crisis for Welcome to Plathville Mom?

With the Kim Plath and Barry Plath split drama taking center stage in Season 4 of the TLC show, many viewers call out Kim for going through a midlife crisis. Indeed, many viewers think this is the reason she is unhappy with Barry – and the reason she seems all too willing to let loose now.

This is especially true considering how strictly she and her husband raised their kids. And as fans see in spoilers, Kim seems to want to make up for lost time – including boozing it up with her young son.

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath - Barry Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath – Barry Plath/YouTube

Of course, Barry Plath called his estranged wife “selfish” for wanting out of their marriage. But between upcoming scenes and the official split statement the pair gave recently, it certainly looks like Kim wants to recapture her lost youth – which seems to include turning her back on God and letting go of her inhibitions.

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