‘Welcome to Plathville’ SPOILER: Ethan & Kim Plath Go Head to Head at Cemetery

Welcome to Plathville spoilers reveal tense moments ahead as Season 4 continues – including Ethan Plath and Kim Plath getting into it at the cemetery. So what else do teasers reveal?

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath Seeking New Life Away from Barry Plath

As Welcome to Plathville watchers know, Season 4 has been all about the split drama between Kim Plath and her husband, Barry Plath. Kim wants out of her 24-year union with her husband. And even though Barry wants to save the marriage, it seems to be too little too late for that.

Many Welcome to Plathville fans think that Kim Plath is going through a midlife crisis in current episodes – and that this is the reason behind her wanting to let loose and leave her old life behind. Meanwhile, spoilers for upcoming episodes reveal that things from the past aren’t as buried as they appear.

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath/YouTube

Highs & Lows in Upcoming Scenes

Spoilers reveal the family traveling to Jamaica for a much-needed getaway. And while there, Kim lets loose and boozes it up. Meanwhile, behavior like this further fuels the midlife crisis claims.

But, Welcome to Plathville spoilers take a somber turn in upcoming scenes when the whole family is present at Joshua Plath’s grave. And based on teasers, things come to a head with the whole family looking on.

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath - Micah Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath – Micah Plath/YouTube

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Gets into it with His Mother at Cemetary

Viewers can’t think of the Plaths without thinking of how many children Barry and Kim Plath have. But, with as many Plath siblings as there are, the family is minus one.

Back in 2008, Kim was using her vehicle to move fruit trees on their 55-acre farm. At the time, her 17-month-old son Joshua was nearby. Tragically, Kim moved her vehicle forward, striking her son. The impact led to his passing. Moreover, even though his death was eventually ruled an accident, it’s clear many within the family still blame Kim for what happened.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath/YouTube

Based on spoilers, those wounds haven’t healed as the family reunites at Joshua’s grave. Ethan Plath doesn’t “trust” his mother – and he doesn’t believe she is “sorry” for her part in what led to his brother’s death.

Meanwhile, Welcome to Plathville spoilers tease tense moments as Ethan and his mother come face to face at the gravesite. In addition, Kim says in teasers that she is “braced for impact”. And with all the drama going on in currently-airing episodes, it all comes to a head as Ethan confronts his mother. Indeed, this is a nail-biter that viewers won’t want to miss.

Catch fresh episodes of Welcome to Plathville Season 4, Tuesdays on TLC and Discovery Plus. And for even more Welcome to Plathville news and spoilers, come back to Screen Legion.


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