‘The Family Chantel’ SPOILER: Pedro Drops Major Hint – More Proof Marriage Over?

The Family Chantel celebs Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett are on the rocks in current scenes. Meanwhile, it always seems like they are one major fight away from throwing in the towel. And based on what Pedro says in upcoming scenes, he offers more proof that their union could be beyond salvaging. So what does he reveal?

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno Doing His Own Thing

Pedro Jimeno’s social media updates are chock-full of gym selfies and solo updates. And like her husband, Chantel does the same with her social media updates. So much so that if The Family Chantel viewers didn’t know any better, you’d think they were both single.

Meanwhile, these days, Pedro Jimeno has a career as a realtor. He enjoys this new career path – and his coworkers. And this fuels the recurring argument that Pedro doesn’t need Chantel anymore now that he is established in America.

90 Day Fiance: Pedro Jimeno
90 Day Fiance: Pedro Jimeno

TLC Celeb Drops Major Clue About Relationship

Of course, when you face The Family Chantel split rumors as much as Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett do, it’s easy to dismiss them as another round of rumors to stir up drama – especially when a new season is on the air. But Pedro drops a major clue in upcoming scenes that his marriage to Chantel may be on its last leg.

According to Pedro Jimeno, he doesn’t want kids with Chantel Everett. He goes on to say that having kids is something he wants. But that seems to be out of the question with Chantel right now.

Meanwhile, considering how long they’ve been together, if Pedro clearly has doubts about having children with Chantel, that’s a major clue that he is checked out with her. And when you add to this the fact that they haven’t been intimate in months, this only adds more fuel to the split fire.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno - Chantel Everett
The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno – Chantel Everett/YouTube

The Family Chantel Marriage Finally Over?

According to Pedro Jimeno, his estranged wife isn’t “mentally prepared” for a child. In addition, he says they are not “emotionally ready” to bring a baby into the world. Moreover, given everything currently going on between them, this admission from Pedro is huge as far as the future of their relationship goes.

The fact that Pedro doesn’t see Chantel as the future mother of his children is a big one – and it could also point to the fact that he is already looking for other women to fill that role. Along those same lines, this could fuel his reasoning for throwing in the towel as well.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno - Chantel Everett
The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno – Chantel Everett/YouTube

Indeed, it’s obvious to most The Family Chantel watchers that Pedro is checked out of his marriage. And this train of thought could be the added justification he needs to eventually fuel his exit.

Pedro Jimeno tells Chantel’s father that there’s a chance there could be children in the mix in the next five years. But a lot can happen in that time. Indeed, many The Family Chantel viewers are waiting for them to throw in the towel officially. Moreover, considering how things are going in current scenes, watchers may not have to wait long.

90 Day Fiance: Pedro Jimeno - Chantel Everett
90 Day Fiance: Pedro Jimeno – Chantel Everett/YouTube

The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC, and same-day on Discovery Plus. And for all the latest The Family Chantel news and spoilers, don’t forget to come back to Screen Legion.


  1. If was Chantel, I WOULD kick Pedro to the curb. She has taken a lot of mess from his family ,and now since he has a realtor license he treats her like dirt. Why cant he get off of his behind and clean ,and cook. He’s got al lot of nerve calling Chantel lazy. She’s been mighty good to this A.H.


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