‘Seeking Sister Wife’ SPOILER: Sidian Meeting Arielle in the Philippines – Will it Work Out?

Seeking Sister Wife celebs Sidian Jones and Tosha Jones look to add to their family this season. And based on teasers, Sidian prepares to travel to the Philippines to meet his potential sister wife, Arielle. So will this relationship work?

Seeking Sister Wife: Surprising Way Tosha Jones & Arielle Knew Each Other

In Seeking Sister Wife episodes, whenever there is a new potential addition to the family, there’s a curiosity as far as how the cast members met. Interestingly, Tosha Jones knew Arielle before Sidian did.

Tosha Jones said in Seeking Sister Wife scenes that she met Arielle through her work – as she went on a work trip to the Philippines. And now, in current episodes, it’s Sidian’s turn to go to the Asian country to spend time with Arielle.

Seeking Sister Wife: Arielle
Seeking Sister Wife: Arielle/YouTube

Things Getting Serious for Sidian Jones and Arielle

Because Arielle is from the Philippines, this storyline for Sidian and Tosha Jones has a bit of a 90 Day Fiance twist to it. Meanwhile, based on spoilers for upcoming scenes, Sidian prepares to travel to the Philippines to meet Arielle in person.

Up to this point, the pair have carried on a long-distance relationship. But by doing this, they will get to see one another in person. And according to Sidian, he would be able to “experience” the country and a “part of her life” that way.

Seeking Sister Wife: Sidian Jones
Seeking Sister Wife: Sidian Jones/YouTube

Will Seeking Sister Wife Relationship Work Out?

As Seeking Sister Wife viewers know, meeting someone in person for the first time is completely different than carrying on an online relationship. And as Arielle says in teasers, Sidian would be traveling to her “home turf”.

Meanwhile, there are numerous questions among viewers regarding Arielle. For one, she has been in beauty pageants and is an attractive woman. Because of this, many followers state the obvious and ask why someone like her would be interested in Sidian.

Seeking Sister Wife: Arielle
Seeking Sister Wife: Arielle/YouTube

Many fans suspect Arielle could be in it for a potential green card – as well as the television exposure that being on a show like this provides. Meanwhile, even if Arielle is in this relationship for the right reasons, Sidian worries about how things might change between him and Tosha – if and when he brings Arielle to America.

Certainly, one way or another, there’s a lot riding on this as Sidian prepares to travel to the Philippines – especially because there have been failed meet-up attempts in the past.

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