5 Tragic ’90 Day Fiance’ Deaths

90 Day Fiance has been on the air since 2014. And while some of those earlier seasons didn’t get as much traction, there has been a surge of popularity in recent years – as evidenced by the many spinoffs on TLC and Discovery Plus.

Meanwhile, over the years, many 90 Day Fiance celebs have experienced tragedy. Here’s a list of some of the TLC franchise’s most shocking deaths.

90 Day Fiance Celeb Armando Rubio Lost His Wife

Even though Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier are one of the most popular 90 Day Fiance couples in recent years, Armando experienced tragedy before he met Kenny – losing his wife.

Meanwhile, making that loss even worse, Armando Rubio’s ex was pregnant when she passed. Following a dispute over finances, Armando’s ex drove her car into his while on the road.

Ultimately, she lost control of the vehicle, causing it to flip. And as a result, she lost her life in the accident. As for Armando, he lost not only his ex but also his unborn child. So it was a double tragedy in that regard.

These days, Armando and Kenny live their best life in Mexico with Armando’s daughter, Hannah. So if nothing else, Armando was able to find happiness following this horrific tragedy.

90 Day Fiance: Armando Rubio
90 Day Fiance: Armando Rubio/YouTube

Anny Francisco & Robert Springs Lose Son Adriel

Just like Armando and Kenny, Anny Francisco and Robert Springs are a fan-favorite couple from the 90 Day Fiance franchise. They had two children together – in addition to Robert’s other children. And they were building a life and family together in America.

Due to this, it was a major shock when Anny and Robert revealed that their 7-month-old son, Adriel, lost his life. The devastating news of Adriel’s death was delivered by Robert Springs and Anny Francisco. Anny, unsurprisingly, referred to this as one of her “worst days.” Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic-born TLC star revealed that the entire 90 Day Fiance family was “devastated.”

Since the harrowing loss, Anny and Robert have tried their best to pick up the pieces. And one way they did that was by moving out of their apartment recently. Understandably, Robert said that the apartment held too many “memories”. So it certainly looks like they are doing their best to put their lives back together after such an unspeakable loss.

90 Day Fiance: Adriel
90 Day Fiance: Adriel/Instagram

Season 2 Celeb Jason Hitch Dies

Jason Hitch was in 90 Day Fiance Season 2 episodes with Cassia Tavares. Meanwhile, when news of his untimely passing made the rounds in December 2021, many newer viewers didn’t recognize him.

Unfortunately, Cassia Tavares’ ex lost his life at 45 due to complications from COVID-19. So it was a tough loss for all his friends and family that mourned him. And even though they eventually split, Cassia shared some heartfelt words for her former lover when news of his passing made the rounds.

The Army vet passed away in Florida. And speaking of her former flame, Cassia Tavares told her 90 Day Fiance fans that it’s always “sad” when someone you spend part of your life with “stops breathing”.

90 Day Fiance: Jason Hitch - Cassia Tavares
90 Day Fiance: Jason Hitch – Cassia Tavares/YouTube

Darcey Silva & Stacey Silva Lose a Sibling

Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva have made bank on being twins. But some 90 Day Fiance fans may be surprised to know that the sisters had another sibling. They’ve certainly marketed their twin status to perfection. But as it turns out, there was another member of the family.

Darcey and Stacey had a brother named Michael. Unfortunately, he died from Ewing’s sarcoma – a form of cancer that affects the bones. Darcey and Stacey’s brother passed away in 1998.

Meanwhile, the twins’ popular fashion brand, House of Eleven, was named in honor of him -as his birthday was on May 11, and he passed on July 11. Meanwhile, they donate a portion of their proceeds to their brother’s cancer foundation.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva - Stacey Silva - Michael Silva
90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva – Stacey Silva – Michael Silva/YouTube

Olga Koshimbetova’s Harrowing Loss

These days, Olga Koshimbetova lives her best life in New York City with Steven Frend, their son, and a baby on the way. But even though things are going well for her now, many 90 Day Fiance fans may not know of the horror she had to go through to get to this point in her life.

When Olga Koshimbetova was 13, her 25-year-old sister was murdered by her parents. It seems Olga’s older sibling heard voices in her head – leading Olga’s parents to perform an exorcism on her – ultimately leading to her death.

Some of their brutal techniques included force-feeding her five liters of “holy water”, disemboweling her, and ultimately tramping her to death – leaving her in a crucifix position. It would seem they wholeheartedly believed she would rise again after three days.

Understandably, Olga Koshimbetova hasn’t gone into detail regarding this horrific event, but she later confirmed on social media that it happened. She said that her mother had a “mental problem”. And it seems she shared her experience in order to raise awareness for mental health. Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiance followers applauded her for her strength and resilience after everything she went through.

90 Day Fiance: Olga Koshimbetova
90 Day Fiance: Olga Koshimbetova/YouTube

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