’90 Day Fiance’: Emily Knocked Up Again – Another Reason to Not Work?

90 Day Fiance fans are adamant that Kobe Blaise should run away from Emily Bieberly while he can. But based on the latest updates, he did just the opposite – getting even more embedded with his American lover. So what’s the latest?

90 Day Fiance Fans Think Kobe Blaise Should Run for the Hills

90 Day Fiance fans love to argue and debate. However, one thing that the majority of viewers agree on is that Emily Bieberly is an entitled nightmare, and that Kobe should get as far away from her as possible.

Meanwhile, as if 90 Day Fiance viewers didn’t dislike her enough already, the fact that her financial plan is to wait for Kobe to get his work permit so she can put him to work rather than contribute herself is yet another reason the disdain runs so deep among watchers.

90 Day Fiance: Kobe Blaise
90 Day Fiance: Kobe Blaise/YouTube

Emily Knocked Up Again – Mooching Plan Secure?

Based on the latest 90 Day Fiance updates, it seems Emily Bieberly went and got herself knocked up again with Kobe Blaise’s baby – a girl this time. Leaked pics show Kobe holding his baby girl with Emily. So it certainly looks like instead of breaking free from Emily, he got in even deeper.

As for Emily Bieberly, many see her getting knocked up again as yet another reason to delay getting an actual job and contributing. Between mooching off of her father and having a second baby with Kobe, she has more than enough excuses to continue living her life leeching off of others.

90 Day Fiance: Emily Bieberly - Kobe Blaise
90 Day Fiance: Emily Bieberly – Kobe Blaise/YouTube

What’s Next for 90 Day Fiance Pair?

With confirmation that Emily Bieberly gave birth to a second baby with Kobe Blaise, it seems he is not going anywhere anytime soon. Many fans were hopeful that Kobe would come to his senses. But it seems like he did the exact opposite.

Of course, Emily’s dad alluded to cutting them off if they didn’t get their act together. But with another baby in the mix, that could be just what was needed to squeeze more money out of her dad too.

90 Day Fiance: Kobe Blaise - Emily Bieberly
90 Day Fiance: Kobe Blaise – Emily Bieberly – photo credit: Frauded Media

In addition, with a new baby joining the family, Emily may have secured herself more seasons with TLC to boot. Provided things progress with this couple, and they do walk down the aisle by the end of the currently-airing season, having a baby could secure a future season of Happily Ever After.

And as much as fans dislike Emily Bieberly, with another baby joining the family, it would seem she has Kobe – and her dad – wrapped around her spoiled finger.

90 Day Fiance: Emily Bieberly - Kobe Blaise
90 Day Fiance: Emily Bieberly – Kobe Blaise/YouTube

Be sure to catch brand new episodes of 90 Day Fiance, every Sunday night on TLC – and available same-day on Discovery Plus. And for all the latest 90 Day Fiance news, don’t forget to come back to Screen Legion.


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