’90 Day Fiance’ SPOILER: Patrick Gives Thais a Gift – But There’s a Catch

90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal Patrick Mendes gives Thais Ramone a gift in upcoming scenes – but there’s a catch. So what else do teasers reveal?

New TLC Pair Introduced in Season 9

90 Day Fiance fans have been blasting Thais Ramone’s ungrateful attitude and manipulative behavior this season. Patrick, who is half Brazilian, met Thais, 25, in Brazil while visiting family. Patrick, 31, who was a professional weightlifter, proposed to Thais after several more trips to Brazil.

As 90 Day Fiance fans know, there’s typically a period of growing pains as foreign cast members adjust to their new lives in a new country. But based on what viewers have seen from Thais so far, they aren’t impressed with her outlandish demands and bougie attitude.

90 Day Fiance: Patrick Mendes - Thais Ramone
90 Day Fiance: Patrick Mendes – Thais Ramone/YouTube

90 Day Fiance: Patrick Mendes & Thais Ramone Storyline Panned by Fans

By and large, viewers agree that 90 Day Fiance Season 9 is a snooze fest. And while that hasn’t stopped people from tuning in, many fans see Patrick and Thais’ storyline as a prime example of why the currently-airing season is so bad.

Meanwhile, Thais coming to America with her entitled attitude hasn’t exactly helped this 90 Day Fiance situation. The foreign cast member berated Patrick’s house – and she doesn’t get along with his brother, either. And many viewers see her as a classic example of someone who is taken in by the American Dream but has no idea what it’s like to actually live in America.

90 Day Fiance: Patrick Mendes
90 Day Fiance: Patrick Mendes/YouTube

In addition, based on what fans have seen so far, many are on Patrick Mendes’ side. Indeed, all relationships have their issues. And as far as Thais is concerned, many viewers see her as ungrateful.

However, on the other side of that coin, many fans see Patrick kissing another woman as completely out of bounds. And with gifts that he gives her in teasers, some viewers see this as Patrick trying to buy his way out of a mistake. Patrick buys Thais lingerie in upcoming scenes – which is more for him than anyone else. And because of this, one fan said he gives them Big Ed vibes.

90 Day Fiance: Patrick Mendes
90 Day Fiance: Patrick Mendes

Patrick Mendes Gives Thais a 90 Day Fiance Gift – With Strings Attached

In addition to the lingerie, the American man gets his foreign love interest a new phone. But there’s a condition. If she accepts the gift, she has to turn the option off to view his location, so she won’t know where he is at all times.

Certainly, spoilers reveal there are still trust issues between the couple. Apparently, Patrick was talking with another woman after he and Thais had gotten together – in the “very beginning” of their relationship, according to Patrick.

He added that all they did was kiss. But in Thais’ mind, that’s just as bad as if he would have been intimate with this other woman. Suffice it to say; this couple has a lot of issues heading into new episodes. And based on teasers, those issues seem to be getting worse.

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