‘Welcome to Plathville’: Ethan Plath Returns to Cairo – Chooses Cars Over Olivia

Welcome to Plathville spoilers reveal Ethan Plath returns to Cairo – but it’s not the kind of homecoming his wife, Olivia Plath, wants. Meanwhile, will Ethan choose his love of cars over his wife?

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath & Olivia Plath Face Ups & Downs in Young Marriage

Welcome to Plathville husband and wife, Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath, have had issues over the years navigating their marriage – much like any other married pair. As TLC fans know, the pair married at a young age. And based on the latest scenes, the couple still goes through rough patches.

As Welcome to Plathville viewers know, the duo has not hidden the fact that they’ve hit hard times in their relationship. Meanwhile, things got bad enough that Ethan and Olivia considered separating. And based on spoilers for the currently-airing season, there are still some major issues for the couple.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath - Olivia Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath – Olivia Plath/YouTube

Ethan Keeping Secrets from Wife Olivia

Earlier in 2021, the Welcome to Plathville couple jetted off outside the US for a getaway – to celebrate three years of marriage. And even though that trip seems to have done them some good, there are still lingering relationship issues in the current season of the TLC show.

One of the most glaring issues in this Welcome to Plathville marriage is that Ethan is keeping a secret from his wife that he bought another car to work on. Of course, working on cars is a passion for Ethan. But at the rate he is going, he is choosing his passion over his marriage. In addition, hiding this new project from his wife certainly won’t help an already rocky situation at home.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath/YouTube

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Choosing Cars Over Marriage?

Spoilers reveal Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath return to Cairo. Indeed, it’s a place Olivia doesn’t want to go back to, but she is doing it for her husband. Meanwhile, Ethan still keeps the secret of his new car project from his wife. And he isn’t looking forward to revealing what he has been hiding.

But, what’s perhaps most alarming is how nonchalant Ethan Plath is about being “sneaky”. In fact, he seems to take pride in keeping secrets and not getting caught. Based on spoilers, he says that sneaking around was his way of getting around strict rules growing up. But that survival tactic he used in his youth is clearly damaging his marriage now.

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Plath/YouTube

According to teasers, Ethan Plath seems content to choose his hobby over his marriage if it came right down to it. In addition, him finally revealing what he has been keeping is sure to bring drama in upcoming scenes.

Be sure to catch Welcome to Plathville, Tuesday nights on TLC and Discovery Plus. And for all the latest Welcome to Plathville news and spoilers, come back regularly to Screen Legion.


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