‘The Family Chantel’ SPOILER: Winter Everett Headed to Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery

The Family Chantel spoilers for upcoming episodes reveal Winter Everett prepping to go to Mexico for weight loss surgery. And there’s a lot of worry and drama leading up to her going under the knife.

The Family Chantel: Winter Everett Flaunts New Body

The Family Chantel fans keeping up with Winter Everett’s current updates know she’s all about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle since she dropped a massive amount of weight. Since fans first met her in 90 Day Fiance episodes, she was always on the heavier side.

But based on the latest The Family Chantel and 90 Day Fiance updates from her, she completely flipped the script when it comes to living healthy. Meanwhile, teasers for upcoming episodes reveal what she did to help her get to where she is today.

The Family Chantel: Winter Everett
The Family Chantel: Winter Everett/Instagram

TLC Celeb Risks Dangerous Surgery in Mexico

As 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel watchers know, traveling to other countries to get surgeries has become a popular trend over the years – and not just for TLC cast members. Indeed, with medical costs skyrocketing in America, it’s often cheaper to travel to other countries, get work done, and turn it into a vacation.

As 90 Day Fiance fans remember, Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva went to Turkey for full-body makeovers. And in upcoming The Family Chantel episodes, Winter Everett prepares to go to Mexico for weight loss surgery.

The Family Chantel: Risk Pays Off for Winter

As The Family Chantel fans keeping up with Winter Everett’s current updates know, the weight loss surgery was a success for her. But in upcoming scenes, fans will get to see a behind-the-scenes look at all the drama that went into it.

Spoilers reveal that Winter Everett got the idea while browsing social media. But not surprisingly, Mama Karen isn’t thrilled with the idea of her daughter going to a foreign country to get this surgery.

Winter Everett

Mama Karen & Sister Chantel Finally Agree

Reluctantly, Mama Karen and Chantel travel with Winter to Tijuana, Mexico, to get her “bariatric surgery”. Even so, Chantel believes her younger sister is a little “too trusting” when it comes to having this procedure across the border.

And not surprisingly, her mother is skeptical, too. According to Karen, the scams are “endless” on social media. So she worries that her daughter might have gotten herself into something dangerous.

Meanwhile, even though The Family Chantel fans know in real-time that the surgery was a success – and that Winter keeps up with her healthy eating and exercise – from the looks of her pics above it’ll be interesting to see what else went into helping her achieve the fitness goals she maintains today.

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