‘SSW’ SPOILER: Roberta Jealous of New Woman – Dannielle is Done

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal plenty of drama ahead for Garrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield, and Roberta. And from the looks of it, it’s Bert’s turn to be jealous.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4: Garrick Merrifield Returns with Danielle Merrifield & Roberta

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 spoilers reveal Garrick Merrifield returning with his wife, Danielle Merrifield. Meanwhile, with new TLC episodes set to premiere, viewers will pick up with their storyline in upcoming scenes.

As fans remember, Garrick wanted to add another woman to the family, Roberta. Meanwhile, Roberta isn’t from America, so their TLC scenes took on a 90 Day Fiance vibe – with Garrick wanting to bring Roberta to America.

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield - Dannielle Merrifield
Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield – Dannielle Merrifield/YouTube

TLC Celeb Courting a New Wife – Roberta Not Having it?

Certainly, it’s easy to get caught up in the allure of becoming a sister wife when you’re the newest potential addition. But as spoilers reveal, Roberta isn’t taking kindly to the idea of there being someone else to compete with.

With Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife picking up with the Merrifields, Garrick courts a new potential sister wife, Lea. And judging by Bert’s reaction, the idea of living this lifestyle suddenly doesn’t seem so appealing now that there’s someone new seeking Garrick’s affection.

In addition, Roberta says in Seeking Sister Wife spoilers that she wants “no kisses” between Garrick and his new lady. And in Roberta’s mind, they should just be “friends”. But with the way things are going between them, they seem to be a lot more than that.

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield - Dannielle Merrifield
Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield – Dannielle Merrifield/YouTube

Seeking Sister Wife: Dannielle Merrifield Over it All?

As Seeking Sister Wife fans have seen, Dannielle has struggled with the idea of her husband bringing on additional partners. As fans that follow them know, they were married for years before Garrick sought more wives. And because of this, many viewers feel for her and what she is going through.

Meanwhile, based on spoilers for the upcoming season, Dannielle Merrifield reaches her breaking point. The Merrifields travel to Brazil to see what’s going on with Roberta. And, from the looks of it, all of this gets to Dannielle.

Garrick Merrifield’s wife says in teasers that she has second thoughts about whether or not Roberta would be a fit for their family. In addition, she goes on to say in spoiler clips that she needs a “break” – and that she “can’t handle” everything going on.

So if nothing else, there’s a lot of drama in upcoming scenes when Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 premieres on June 6 on TLC.

And for even more Seeking Sister Wife news and spoilers, be sure to come back to Screen Legion.


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