‘The Little Couple’: Big Celeb Flirts With Jen Arnold, Bill Jealous?

The Little Couple stars Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein have met a lot of other celebs in their day. Meanwhile, someone got too close to Jen, according to her husband.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold & Bill Klein Doing Their Own Thing

As The Little Couple fans know, Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein have settled nicely into their new lives in Boston. According to Jen, she loves her new job and the team she works with. And it seems they have all adjusted to the colder weather up north, too.

As for Bill Klein, just because they moved from Florida to Boston for Jen’s work, doesn’t mean he’s not busy too. Bill took on the role of teacher, homeschooling Will and Zoey once the pandemic started.

In addition, he still owns and operates the couple’s pet boutique in Houston – Rocky & Maggie’s. And along with doing all of that, Bill is an inventor as well. He proudly sells Rocky and Maggie’s Pop-Up Pee Pad at the store in Houston, online, and through various major retailers like Amazon.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein - Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Bill Klein – Jennifer Arnold/YouTube

TLC Pair Rubs Elbows with Celebs

As The Little Couple fans know, Jen and Bill achieved celebrity status through their TLC show. And because of it, they’ve met a lot of famous people over the years. Meanwhile, Bill Klein recently shared a throwback photo of that time they met Seth MacFarlane on the set of Good Morning America.

Bill Klein joked with his The Little Couple fans that he found MacFarlane “hitting on” his wife, Jennifer Arnold, outside the green room. But it seems Bill wasn’t jealous enough to keep from taking a pic with the Family Guy creator. All in all, it’s a great photo of the three of them together.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold: Bill Klein - Seth MacFarlane
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold: Bill Klein – Seth MacFarlane/Instagram

What’s Next for The Little Couple?

Things seem to be going smoothly for The Little Couple now that they are settled into Boston life. Meanwhile, Jennifer Arnold said recently that Bill still travels to Houston roughly once a month to check on their store.

Other than that, Will and Zoey have adjusted to their new schools as well. And even though they ditched the beaches in Florida for the cold up north, the TLC family traveled back to Florida over spring break to get their much-needed beach fix.

Along with that, The Little Couple is also building a home in Boston that they’ll be able to move into sometime this summer if everything goes according to plan. So if nothing else, there’s a lot going on for this family as they begin this new chapter in their lives.

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