‘The Little Couple’: Update on Will & Zoey Klein – See Their Big Changes

The Little Couple brother and sister, Will Klein and Zoey Klein, have grown up a lot since viewers last saw them on television. Meanwhile, even Jen Arnold, who sees them every day, can’t believe how big they are getting.

The Little Couple: Will Klein & Zoey Klein Have Come a Long Way

The Little Couple fans first met Will and Zoey when Jen and Bill adopted them from China and India, respectively. As fans remember, the first few seasons of the show focused on Jen and Bill as they built their lives together. Meanwhile, adding Will and Zoey to the mix completed the family.

Indeed, one of the things The Little Couple fans miss the most is getting to see the siblings grow up. Because viewers have watched Will and Zoey since they were young, fans feel a special connection to them – and they miss seeing them since the show has been off the air.

The Little Couple: Will Klein - Zoey Klein - Judy Arnold
The Little Couple: Will Klein – Zoey Klein – Judy Arnold/Instagram

The Little Couple Siblings Adjusting to Life in Boston

As The Little Couple fans keeping up with Jen Arnold’s updates know, the family moved to Boston for Jen’s work. And one of the things viewers are interested in is knowing how Will and Zoey adjust to life up north.

According to Jen Arnold, Will Klein is in fifth grade – and that counts as middle school where he is in Boston. The proud mom added that her son is “growing up” before her eyes. In addition, Will has also started playing the trumpet.

Meanwhile, as for Zoey Klein, she is adjusting to her new elementary school up north too. And according to her mother, Zoey is “doing well”. On top of that, she has an artistic side – and it’s something Jen and Bill want to foster in her. Gushing about her daughter, Jen said that Zoey is “really talented” when it comes to drawing and painting.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Bill Klein - Will Klein - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein – Will Klein – Zoey Klein

TLC Siblings Staying Active

In addition to academics, The Little Couple mom also updated her fans on Will and Zoey’s other activities. Jen Arnold said that Zoey has resumed horseback riding – which is something she did in Florida.

As for Will Klein, he has an interest in lacrosse. So if nothing else, Will and Zoey are busy living their new lives in Boston. And along with doing well academically, it’s clear they are excelling in other pursuits.

Many fans regret that The Little Couple move to Boston wasn’t filmed for a new season. But from the looks of it, the entire family has settled nicely into their new surroundings. And it seems Will and Zoey enjoy their new home – even if they still miss the beaches in Florida.

The Little Couple: Will Klein - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Will Klein – Zoey Klein

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