‘7 Little Johnstons’: Alex Johnston Takes Big Leap Toward Future

Alex Johnston, the star of 7 Little Johnstons, has a bright future ahead of him. The teen received some exciting news regarding the next phase of his life. And his proud mama, Amber Johnston, shared the news with the family’s many followers. So what’s next for Alex?

7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston & Emma Johnston the Last at Home

As 7 Little Johnstons fans know, Alex Johnston and Emma Johnston are the only siblings yet to leave the nest. Jonah, Liz, and Anna all have their own places after moving out of the family home. So that means it’s only Alex and Emma at home – especially after Joose Jeskanen returned home to Finland.

Meanwhile, even though Alex Johnston is still in high school, he has a lot going for him – including an Etsy business where he sells his handmade origami creations. In addition, he even signs his pieces for any interested 7 Little Johnstons fans. And from the looks of it, he is getting ready for a brand new chapter in his life.

7 Little Johnstons Family
7 Little Johnstons Family/YouTube

TLC Celeb Moving On to Big Things

7 Little Johnstons fans have watched Alex Johnston grow up on the popular TLC show. Meanwhile, one of the criticisms fans have is that his parents have babied him too much. But based on the latest updates from him, it looks like he is stepping into his own in a big way.

It turns out Alex Johnston recently showed off an acceptance letter to Middle Georgia State University. And with this acceptance, Alex is both a “junior” in high school and a “freshman” in college. So, he certainly seems to be getting a head start on his future. In addition, his “dual enrollment” begins in the fall of 2022.

7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston/Instagram

What Does 7 Little Johnstons Celeb Want to Do?

While still in his teens, Alex Johnston is already a business owner and a television star. But from the looks of it, he wants to further his education in the field of broadcasting. As viewers remember from the previous season of 7 Little Johnstons, Alex was in the media program at school. And he was tasked with helping to film one of the football games.

Unfortunately for Alex, the place he had to get to in order to film the game was high up. And as someone with a fear of heights, he had to conquer those fears in order to complete the project. Certainly, this is a field he is passionate about. And with this acceptance letter to college, he is well on his way to realizing those broadcasting dreams.

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