‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Breaks Silence Over Horrific Tragedy

As The Little Couple fans know, Jen Arnold is outspoken when it comes to a number of social issues. Meanwhile, Bill Klein’s wife spoke out on the recent tragedy in Texas. So what did she have to say?

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold Speaks Her Mind

As The Little Couple fans know, Jennifer Arnold has a huge audience. And even though The Little Couple has been off the air since 2019, Bill Klein’s wife maintains a healthy social following of over one million users.

Certainly, she drew the ire of some social media fans for her stance on COVID-19 throughout this pandemic. But even so, whether you agree with her or not, there’s something to be said about the way she doesn’t back down from hot button issues – and many of her fans admire her courage.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold/YouTube

TLC Celeb Speaks Out on Texas Tragedy

In the wake of the Texas shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, as of this writing, the death toll stands at 19 students and two adults – not including the shooter, who was later gunned down by authorities.

Understandably, this latest act of violence is something that America as a whole is struggling to come to grips with – including President Joe Biden, who addressed the nation in the wake of the massacre.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Arnold also used her platform to speak out against the recent tragedy. Bill Klein’s wife said, “enough is enough” when it comes to gun violence. In her words, she is “scared” – not only for Will and Zoey, but also for the children of others.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold

The Little Couple Fans Encourage TLC Celeb to Talk to Congress

As The Little Couple fans know, the debate over gun violence is one that is ongoing in the United States. Meanwhile, tragedies like the one recently in Texas shine a glaring light on the issue – at the expense of many lives lost.

Meanwhile, with Jen Arnold’s impassioned words, many The Little Couple fans are moved by her – with some even urging her to speak to congress. Certainly, it’s clear that she uses her platform of over one million followers to get her point across.

In addition, Bill Klein’s wife shared a series of photos of Will and Zoey throughout the years. And in the aftermath of such great loss, she said that she would hug her children “extra tight”.

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