‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Gives Fur Baby Surgery Update

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold is no stranger to going under the knife. And recently, it was her beloved fur baby that had to go in for surgery. Meanwhile, she recently shared a recovery update with her many fans.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold & Bill Klein Surgery Veterans

As The Little Couple fans know, being a little person often comes with needing various surgeries throughout life. And between Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein alone, they have nearly 100 surgeries between them.

Most recently, Jennifer Arnold had to have hip revision surgery in New York City. And as far as timing goes, this didn’t happen at the best time. Because Jen and Bill had just relocated their The Little Couple family to Boston from Florida. And before that, Bill went under the knife to remove bone fragments from his elbow following a hard fall.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein/YouTube

Jen’s Fur Baby Went in for Dental Surgery

Even though Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are used to going in for surgery, recently, it was the couple’s fur baby, Maggie, that went in for a dental procedure. Sharing an update with her fans, Jen asked her followers for prayers as Maggie went in.

Meanwhile, Bill Klein’s TLC wife recently updated her The Little Couple followers on Maggie’s post-surgery progress. And Jen Arnold shared a pic of Maggie back home.

In addition, she went on to say that Maggie “did well”. According to Bill Klein’s wife, Maggie is “sore but recovering” after her surgery. So, all things considered, this is definitely good news for the family pet.

The Little Couple: Maggie
The Little Couple: Maggie/Instagram

The Little Couple Fans Chime in

Certainly, it always seems like someone from The Little Couple family is going in for surgery. But after everything little Maggie went through, fans are glad to see her back at home and on the mend.

On the day Maggie went in for surgery, Jennifer Arnold shared an adorable pic of Zoey and Will with all the family pets. Meanwhile, as Maggie recovers, well wishes and prayers continue pouring in from Jennifer Arnold’s many fans as they wish Maggie a speedy recovery.

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