‘The Little Couple’: Bill Klein Has Shocking New Job!

The Little Couple celebs Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein moved to Boston for Jen’s work. Meanwhile, many viewers are curious about what Bill is up to since moving to New England. And the answer may surprise fans.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold & Bill Klein Relocated to Boston

As fans keeping up with The Little Couple family know, they lived in Houston before eventually moving to Florida. And now, they are in Boston after spending the last few years in the Sunshine State.

Jen Arnold moved for work. And since that time, Zooey Klein and Will Klein adjusted to the colder weather up north. In addition, they seem to enjoy playing in the snow – which is vastly different from the sand and sun at a Florida beach. But what has Bill Klein been up to since making the move?

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein/YouTube

TLC Dad an Inventor?

The Little Couple family still owns and operates their pet boutique in Houston – Rocky and Maggie’s. And in addition to the physical store, the company also has a website. And Jen told her fans recently that Bill is still hard at work with the boutique – and that he travels back and forth to Houston at least once a month.

Meanwhile, Bill Klein is more than just a business owner. The Little Couple dad is also an inventor. And he pioneered the brand’s “Pop-Up Pee Pads”. According to the Rocky & Maggie website, the Pop-Up Pee Pad is the “first and only” training pad for male dogs.

Because traditional pads don’t provide a “target” for male dogs, they end up going in the house and oftentimes on furniture. Meanwhile, Bill seems to have come up with a solution to that problem with his new pee pad in the shape of a red fire hydrant – and the results speak for themselves.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Bill Klein – pic credit: Amazon

Jen Arnold Praises The Little Couple Hubby

Rocky & Maggie’s Pop-Up Pee Pad is sold at major retailers like Wal-Mart and Amazon – in addition to Chewy and the Rocky & Maggie Website. Bill even has the patent to go along with it, and the product has proven to be a winner with customers.

In addition, Bill keeps himself busy with the business side of things too, including shipping the product out to buyers. According to his wife, Jen Arnold, Bill Klein is a “one-man-band” when it comes to his business – though he does have his brother to help.

And perhaps even more impressive, Bill took on the role of teacher for Will and Zoey during the pandemic in addition to building his business. And from the looks of it, that hard work has certainly paid off. Indeed, between Jen and Bill, these two are a bonafide power couple – and the results speak for themselves.

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