Jen Arnold Breaks Silence – Will They Be Back to TLC?

One cannot mention The Little Couple without running into renewal questions. Fans have clamored for Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, and the rest of the TLC family to come back for years. And now, Jennifer Arnold finally put the question of their return to rest. So what did she say?

The Little Couple Off the Air Since 2019

The Little Couple made its debut back in 2009 – three years after Little People Big World and a few years before 7 Little Johnstons. At first, Jen Arnold was reluctant to put her life on display. But she eventually agreed to shoot a pilot. And the rest, as they say, is history.

But, speaking of history, some fans wonder if The Little Couple is done for good – with the last episode airing back in 2019. And after years of rumors and speculation, Jennifer Arnold finally answered that burning question for fans.

The Little Couple: Will Klein - Jennifer Arnold - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Will Klein – Jennifer Arnold – Zoey Klein/YouTube

TLC Fans Miss the Show

One of the things fans miss the most is watching Will Klein and Zoey Klein grow up. This is especially true because nowadays they are getting closer to their teen years. And as it is, fans have missed seeing them for three years now – which is a long time when you have young children.

As fans keeping up with Jennifer Arnold know, she keeps her followers in the loop with social media updates. But the majority of fans agree that it’s not the same as getting to watch full seasons of the show. Meanwhile, Jen Arnold recently spoke out – putting many rumors to rest.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Bill Klein - Will Klein - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein – Will Klein – Zoey Klein/Instagram

TLC Celeb Dishes on Future of The Little Couple

Will they or won’t they is a burning question among fans when it comes to TLC dragging their feet on renewing or canceling the popular show. And Jen Arnold finally addressed the rumors.

Bill Klein’s wife said “probably not” when asked about The Little Couple coming back with more episodes. In addition, she said their contracts were up at the start of the pandemic and that there has been back and forth with the network since then.

According to her, she and Bill are open to filming again. But with the network seemingly on the fence, one thing The Little Couple parents always keep as a priority is how their kids feel about it.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein/YouTube

Jen Arnold even said that Zoey and Will asked about The Little Couple crew coming with them when they recently relocated to Boston – which is indeed something many viewers would have liked to have seen documented.

Jen Arnold alluded to the fact that the family would be “OK” with or without the cameras around. And that in the meantime, they are “exploring other things”. So from the looks of it, it seems it’s TLC dragging their feet after all.

Meanwhile, with shows like Outdaughtered and Sweet Home Sextuplets given the ax, it would certainly be a blow to the network to lose a show like The Little Couple. But, to the chagrin of many fans, it doesn’t look like Jen, Bill, Will, or Zoey will be coming back to TLC anytime soon.

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