‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Gives Fans Peek Inside New Job

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold settled into her life in Boston nicely since having hip revision surgery in New York. Meanwhile, Bill Klein’s TLC wife recently gave fans a glimpse of her new job.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold Recovering from Surgery

Not long after The Little Couple family made the move to Boston, Jen Arnold had to go to New York for hip revision surgery. As fans know, Jen and Bill have most of their major surgeries in NYC. But, it wasn’t an ideal time considering they had just moved to Boston.

Luckily, though, everything went according to plan with the procedure. And even though Jennifer Arnold said there would be some delays when it came to her healing, everything seems to have gone well. And during a recent spring break trip back to Florida, Jen was only using one crutch.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold/Instagram

TLC Celeb Moved to Boston for Work

As The Little Couple fans keeping up with Jennifer Arnold’s updates know, the family relocated from Florida to Boston for Jennifer Arnold’s work. Bill Klein’s wife revealed that she got a job at Boston Children’s Hospital as part of the Simulator program.

In addition, The Little Couple celeb also got a job at Harvard, as a staff member of their teaching hospital. And based on the latest updates, Jen gave her followers a closer look at what she does for a living.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein/YouTube

The Little Couple Celeb Gives Fans First-Look at New Job

Jennifer Arnold gave her fans a closer look at what she does at Boston Children’s Hospital – including a look at the staff she works with as well. As viewers remember, she worked as part of a similar program in Florida. So it looks like Jen continues that trend up north too.

Bill Klein’s TLC wife showed off her workspace – including numerous pieces of equipment and her team. She added that she is “so excited” to be part of the BCH simulation program. And according to her, the team is “changing the face of healthcare”.

Moreover, with Jennifer Arnold up and about at work, that’s a good indicator of how her healing has gone since her hip revision surgery. And from the looks of it, she is ready to tackle every challenge thrown at her with her “amazing” team.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold

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