‘LPBW’: Matt Answers Burning Question Will There Be Pumpkin Season?

With a new season of Little People Big World premiering, there are many unanswered questions – as well as a lot of family drama – to unpack in new episodes. Meanwhile, with the family feud over Roloff Farms, some watchers wonder if a beloved tradition on the property will be no more.

Little People Big World: Season 23 of TLC Show Coming in Hot

Spoilers for the new Little People Big World season reveal a lot of Roloff family drama ahead. In addition to the family feud brewing over Roloff Farms, fans will also see behind-the-scenes things like Jackson’s surgery and more.

As fans know, Little People Big World has been on the air since 2006. So that’s plenty of years of investment from fans – and most have been looking forward to brand new episodes for quite some time.

TLC Feud Over Roloff Farms a Major Storyline

With Matt Roloff now in his 60s, it’s getting close to that time when he’s looking to hang it up and ride off into the sunset with Caryn Chandler. Meanwhile, who gets the keys to the castle has been an ongoing question for some time.

According to Matt Roloff, his “baby boy” Jacob seems to be the frontrunner to take over once Matt decides to hang it up. And many Little People Big World fans think this choice by Matt is unfair to his older sons, Zach and Jeremy.

In addition, based on Little People Big World spoilers, tension is high between Zach and his father when the new season picks up. And with ownership of Roloff Farms seemingly up in the air, many fans have questions.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff
Little People Big World: Matt Roloff/YouTube

Little People Big World: Will Pumpkin Season Get the Boot Amid Ownership Drama?

When Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff bought what is now Roloff Farms in the 1990s, it was a major fixer-upper. Now, fast-forward all these years later, and it’s a landmark in Oregon -attracting many visitors every year.

In addition, one of the main draws of Roloff Farms – aside from seeing some cast members – is the pumpkin patch. And with all the drama going on regarding Roloff Farms and selling or not selling parcels of the land, many Little People Big World fans wonder if the pumpkin season tradition will continue this year.

Recently, Matt Roloff told his Little People Big World fans that he put 16 acres of the 108-acre farm up for sale. Matt added that his ultimate dream was to keep the farm completely in the family for years to come. But in his words, it “wasn’t meant to be”.

Meanwhile, with 16 acres officially no longer in the family, Little People Big World fans wonder if that means an end to pumpkin season at the farm. And according to Matt, he reassured viewers that pumpkin season would continue “as usual” this year.

So if nothing else, fans that visit the area can rest assured that they’ll be able to go to the farm for pumpkin season as usual. And according to Matt, there are still 93 acres in the family to work with.

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