Single Review: The Skye Bleu Crew – Doll House

Doll House is the debut single from Bloomingdale, Illinois, Country-Rock group, The Skye Bleu Crew. So how does this first introduction to the band stack up?

The Skye Bleu Crew Release Debut Single

It’s always a treat to sink your teeth into fresh meat when it comes to brand new acts. And in this case, The Skye Bleu Crew offer exactly that opportunity with their debut single, Doll House. So what can listeners expect?

The two-minute track opens up with groovy, distorted guitar licks that instantly hook listeners. Meanwhile, as soon as the vocals kick in, the country music vibes announce themselves with full force.

Doll House Ready for Radio

Right off the bat, it’s pretty clear that there’s very little wrong with this track. Between the musicality and the vocals, it’s evident that The Skye Bleu Crew knows what they are doing when it comes to writing catchy tunes.

In addition, clocking in at 2:28, Doll House is ready for radio play. Meanwhile, the lead guitar licks and country-laden vocal delivery makes for a rather potent one-two punch. And if this is only the debut single from this band, it’ll be interesting to hear what else they have up their sleeves – especially if there’s a full-length album to follow.

Doll House Brings an Old Sound to New Ears

Upon a first listen, you wouldn’t think that The Skye Bleu Crew is a new band – and that Doll House is their debut single. Between the songwriting and execution, this band sounds like they’ve been playing together for years – and that comes through in a big way on this track.

Certainly, it takes a lot of skill to pack as much as they do into Doll House in under three minutes. But, The Skye Bleu Crew does so flawlessly – bringing their classic Country-Rock sound to modern listeners.

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