Album Review: Dylan Tauber – He Loves Carmen

One word to describe Electronic artist Dylan Tauber is prolific when you consider his extensive body of work. Meanwhile, he recently dropped his 14th album; He Loves Carmen. So what can listeners expect?

Dylan Tauber Sets the Tone on He Loves Carmen

As the album opener, Don’t Tell Me introduces the record in melodic fashion. Electronic beats and infectious melodies come through that grip the listener seconds after hitting the play button. And it’s evident right from the outset that Tauber has an ear for creating catchy melodies.

Meanwhile, as the second track on the record, I Love Carmen continues the same vibe set by the album opener. Various synth elements and effects craft yet another catchy melody to get lost in as a listener.

Indeed, using so many elements can come across as clunky and even robotic if not done correctly. But, in Dylan Tauber’s case, he knows just the right balance that all of these elements need in order to create a listening experience that’s pleasing to the ear.

Dylan Tauber: He Loves Carmen
Dylan Tauber: He Loves Carmen – used with permission

Dylan Tauber Crafts Soothing Soundscapes

A few songs into the record, He Loves Carmen proves to be a well-crafted, meditative journey through melody – with Dylan Tauber firmly at the helm. Simply put, Tauber makes beautiful music. And even if this type of record isn’t your normal go-to, it’s hard not to get swept into the world he creates through sound.

Whether you put this record on to relax, study, or deal with a difficult time in your life, He Loves Carmen touches on every emotion of the human condition. In a lot of ways, this record is reminiscent of work from Dash Berlin or Armin van Buuren – with beautifully-crafted melodies that pack an emotional punch.

Throughout the record, female vocals shimmer in the background. And whether it’s an electronically-laced refrain or vocal melody, there’s an ethereal, angelic quality that permeates – adding to the overall elegance and grandeur of the listening experience as a whole.

An Ode to Love

Dylan Tauber dedicated this record to his girlfriend through the album name and title track. And much like his relationship, this entire listening experience is a love letter to Trance and Electronica.

Meanwhile, even though the record as a whole is chill, listeners will find themselves bobbing their heads to the infectious grooves. All in all, He Loves Carmen is a masterclass in songcraft – and a solid effort from start to finish.

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