’90 Day Fiance’: Ariela Weinberg Breaks Silence – Disturbed by Accusations Hurled at Her?

90 Day Fiance celeb Ariela Weinberg is in the hot seat after TLC cameras seemingly showed her keeping her young son away from his relatives as she and Biniyam Shibre prepared to leave for America. But according to Ariela, she has a different version of events. So what did she have to say?

90 Day Fiance Family Drama

As 90 Day Fiance fans know, TLC makes bank playing up family drama and seemingly pitting families against one another for ratings. Viewers have seen this play out between Pedro Jimeno’s relatives and Chantel Everett’s family. Meanwhile, there was a feud between Kalani Faagata’s family and Asuelu Pulaa’s mother and sister as well. And now, it’s all about Ariela Weinberg and her spat with Biniyam Shibre’s sisters.

90 Day Fiance fans saw Biniyam Shibre’s sister throw a glass of wine in Ariela Weinberg’s face during an argument. And now, based on the latest scenes, Ariela is in the hot seat for being petty on camera and seemingly keeping Bini’s sisters from saying goodbye to baby Avi right before Ari and Bini left for America. But according to Ariela, things are not as they seem.

90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg - Biniyam Shibre
90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg – Biniyam Shibre/YouTube

Ariela Weinberg Breaks Silence

90 Day Fiance scenes make it seem as though Ariela Weinberg decided to be petty after her disagreement with Biniyam’s sisters. And as a result, it looks like she deliberately keeps his relatives from saying goodbye to her son. But according to Ariela, that’s not how things went down.

Ariela doesn’t always speak on events that happen in 90 Day Fiance episodes. But this was enough of an issue that she decided to address it publicly. According to the New Jersey native, “alienation” of children from their biological families is “absolutely disgusting”.

Biniyam Shibre’s 90 Day Fiance wife went on to say that she would never separate her son from his father or his father’s family because of “personal feelings”.

In addition, according to Ariela Weinberg, she told Biniyam Shibre that everyone could say goodbye to Avi in the van. And, she said she didn’t want to wake her sleeping son, nor bring him out into the cold.

And at least from Ariela’s perspective, she blames a possible miscommunication on how that goodbye scene ultimately played out. But if nothing else, she set the record straight on the fact that she would never let Avi get “caught in the middle” of family disagreements. Because, as someone who has experienced that, in her words, this ends up hurting a child’s “self-esteem” and “identity” more than it hurts the adults.

90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg
90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg

90 Day Fiance: TLC Frauding to Blame?

As 90 Day Fiance fans know, TLC is notorious for adding drama to scenes to boost ratings. As it stands, Biniyam’s sisters have publicly spoken out against the network and how they have been edited in scenes. Meanwhile, it looks like production meddling may be to blame here, too.

Based on the way the goodbye scene plays out, TLC makes it seem like Ariela purposely keeps baby Avi away from Biniyam’s sisters as revenge for getting a facefull of wine. But between what Bini’s sisters have said and what Ariela said recently, this storyline has production meddling written all over it.

Certainly, some 90 Day Fiance fans may think Ari is petty enough to keep Avi away from Bini’s family. But based on what has come out from both sides, it certainly seems like production interference and clever editing may be behind all the drama playing out in these scenes.

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